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Review: ‘The Darkness’ #110

A major change will take place in The Darkness #110, which will definitely surprise the readers. With incredibly creepy writing and illustrations, “The Darkness” is one of the most consistent horror comics around.

WRITTEN BY: David Hine
ART BY: Jeremy Haun
PUBLISHER: Top Cow Productions, Inc.
PRICE: $3.99
RELEASE: January 30th, 2013

David Hine has developed the split personalities of Jackie Estacado masterfully. Composed of Jackie’s evil half, the Doppelganger is in command and his henchmen follow his ever direction. The real Jackie is left shaken and defeated, supposedly because of his drinking. Hine is able to create an anti-hero who makes the wrong choices for the right ones. Even though he is a cold-hearted killer and a tough gangster, Jackie cares so much about his family and is afraid to lose them. The Doppelganger shares this characteristic and makes it his priority to protect Hope at all costs.

I’m really interested in seeing what Hine does with Jenny, who has completely lost her mind. Jenny isn’t meant to exist, because her role in the grand scheme has already reached its final destination. After Jackie altered reality, the universe is trying to fix itself and undo everything he did. Jackie will do anything for Jenny, but he will not take any responsibility if the whole world falls apart.

Jeremy Haun’s mind-blowing illustrations are a major reason why you should buy this issue. With just one look at Hope, you will definitely find something odd and creepy about her. With her wide eyes and freckles, Hope has the face of a spoiled and deranged child. Her mental breakdown is highlighted when she manifests her dark powers. Her skin looks fractured and splintered, as if to symbolize that Hope is “cracked in the head.”

Towards the climax, take a close look at how Haun depicts the garden outside of Estacado’s mansion. Notice how the plant life is actually dead and the flower vines slowly turn into long tentacles. The Gothic architecture of the mansion gives off an ominous vibe, as if the building is haunted. Haun gives the impression that there is a dead body buried in the garden, underneath the swarming bugs and beetles.

A major twist occurs in “The Darkness” #110 that will definitely change Jackie’s life forever.

4/5 skulls

Reviewed by Jorge Solis



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