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Moss Might Be The Slowest Doom Metal Band I’ve Ever Heard



Metal Blade Records doom trio Moss are gearing up to release their latest album Horrible Night on Apr. 2nd (pre-order here). The band comments, “We wanted to write something that would stand up over time…no disrespect to our earlier recordings – we feel the essence and atmosphere of those is still very much with us, but they were of a time and place that we’re no longer part of…” Below you can listen to the title track as well as see the album cover art and track listing.

Can we also just take a second to love the name of the album? It reminds me of Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest and the ever loved (at least by me) quote, “What a horrible night to have a curse.” God, I love that game.

Horrible Night track listing:
1. Horrible Nights
2. The Bleeding Years
3. Dark Lady
4. Dreams from the Depths
5. The Coral of Chaos
6. I Saw Them That Night

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