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[Random Cool] Isaac Clarke, Slenderman, And The Master Chief Go 8-Bit

Ever wonder what some of your favorite video game protagonists — or in the case of Slenderman, antagonists — would look like on an NES? Wonder no more, as Deviant Artist MelolzuGaming has taken it upon himself to answer that very own question. Among his gallery of 8-bitified video game characters are Isaac Clarke from Dead Space, Halo’s Master Chief, Street Fighter’s Ryu, a lone zombie, and Slenderman of… well, pretty much every indie horror game coming out in the near future, actually. I have only one complaint about the characters so far, but let’s take a look at them first before I get into that.

My problem? Slenderman has a face. He’s looking as dapper as you would expect, but the face makes him look less like the creepy guy who’s managed to take over a half dozen upcoming games and more like a really pale man with an amazing sense of style.

For more of MelolzuGaming’s work, trot on over to his Deviant Art gallery.

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