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(CONTEST OVER) Video Game Caption Contest: We Have Boat Loads Of ‘Dead Space 3’ DLC Codes For You And Your Valentine!

(The contest is over, make sure you check the WINNERS article to see if you won!)

What could be a better present to give your Valentine than Dead Space 3 DLC? That’s right, we have a LOT of codes for you to win. Here is how this contest will work. There will be 3 winners. One for the PC, one for the Playstation 3, and one for the Xbox 360. The winners will win double codes for SEVERAL different DLC packs. One set of codes for you, the other set for your Valentine. Head past the break for the rules, and PLEASE read them because they have changed a bit for this contest.



1. We pick a screen from the game (or game related items) you can win. You head to the comments section and submit your best one-liners, zingers, pathos riddled couplets etc… It can be from the POV of one of the characters, or a comment on it as a whole!

2. You can enter as many times as you like and submit as many captions as you want, but each caption must be in a separate comment. Otherwise it will be too hard to tell where one caption ends and the other begins. Your entries can be posted anytime after the still is announced – just be sure to check that I haven’t announced that the contest is closed in the comments (you don’t want to submit your winning zinger after we’ve picked the winner). Also any racist, sexist, homophobic or generally hateful jokes will be disqualified. You don’t have to be insanely PC – just use your best judgement. Try and keep it brief! It has to fit on the photo now! ALSO make sure you state whether you want your codes for the PC, PLAYSTATION 3, or XBOX 360 ALONG WITH YOUR CAPTIONS! This is very important so I know who wants what codes!

3. Once the commenting has calmed down, I will pick the 3 best captions, and I will update the post stating that the contest is over. I will then do a new post with the winners captions on the photos where the winners will be announced!

THE IMAGE BELOW IS WHAT YOU MUST COMMENT ON! This image should bring about some incredible captions.




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