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[Random Cool] Collect Evil Japanese Spirits In First “Shuonan” Collectibles Line!



After a frustrating bout with the press release I nearly just ignored this story, but these resin statues out of Japan are just too cool to ignore.

Skeleton Key Figures is a production house specializing in the creation of highly detailed action figures and collectable statues based in Osaka, Japan. Established in 2011, they aim to produce premium quality limited edition figures. All of their figures are resin cast and hand painted in Japan.

Shuonan is their forthcoming series of five “Yurei” or Japanese ghosts. Each of the five figures is based upon a traditional Japanese ghost story. The ghosts will only be available in a strictly limited edition of 250. All figures come in with a large detailed base and a thorough explanation of the ghost story in both English and Japanese.

Japanese ghosts, or Yurei, are the restless souls of the departed that are unable to find peace in the hereafter. They linger on in this realm, driven by powerful emotions; such as rage, sorrow, or devotion. Yurei are often malevolent spirits, seeking vengeance on those that wronged them in their mortal life. Yurei typically appear in the hot months of summer, especially around Obon; the Japanese festival of the dead. “Shuonan” refers to a sactuary for sprits where malice can be paid back to their enemies.

Check out the first 5 statues below.

Skeleton Key Figures products are sold exclusively through their website. Below are images of the first 5 figures, as well as their release dates.

“Oiwa” March 18
“Bunya” April 22
“Okiku” May 27
“The Gaki” July 1
“Yuki Onna” August 5