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[TV] Meet “Gothica’s” Dorian Grey and Frankenstein

Deadline is reporting that ABC’s gothic soap “Gothica” has cast its first lead characters.

“Poe” and Resident Evil: Extinction‘s Chris Egan, pictured left, has been cast as Dorian Grey and Tom Ellis as Victor Frankenstein.

The is project set in the present day, which weaves together a mythology that incorporates the legends of Dracula, Jekyll and Hyde, Frankenstein and Dorian Gray.

ABC Studios and the Mark Gordon Co. are producing the pilot written by Matt Lopez.



  • djblack1313

    it’s on ABC. i give it 5 episodes before it’s cancelled but it sounds interesting.

    • Aaron Emery

      ABC typically fails with its genre fare. They seem to do much better with things like (the admittedly wonderful) MODERN FAMILY. Plus, the title GOTHICA being a slight variation on (the Halle Barre starring) GOTHIKA scared me before I read the context.

  • dr.lamb

    So there is this, then there are the new “Dracula”- series coming, “The Following”, “The Walking Dead”,”American Horror Story” etc. and lots of fairy tale – based series running on TV. Good times for horror fans, but you gotta look for the cream of the crop.
    But the self-cannibalism/overkill will be inevitable.

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