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Amazing Guitar Covers Of Silent Hill And Chrono Cross Music

I love video game music, always have, always will. From the great 8-bit tracks on the NES to the sweeping orchestral passages on today’s consoles, there are tracks that I will never forget, no matter what. I can still rattle off the music from Karnov, The Legend Of Zelda, Chrono Trigger, Secret Of Mana, Castlevania, and so much more.

Something I love seeing and hearing are people taking memorable video tunes and playing them on other instruments. As a guitarist, I find that I’m drawn to the guitar covers, but really any will do. And so, with that being said, below you can hear a classical guitar cover of Silent Hill 3‘s “You’re Not Here” as well as the SuperGuitarBros. dual guitar version of Chrono Cross‘s “Time’s Scar” (a track I’ve always found to be particularly beautiful). Enjoy!

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