Best Buy Has A Pretty Kick Ass Pre-Order Deal Going On For New Games - Bloody Disgusting!

Best Buy Has A Pretty Kick Ass Pre-Order Deal Going On For New Games

A lot of people don’t realize that Best Buy has a “Gamer’s Club“. It’s basically the answer to Game Stop’s Power Up Rewards program, only in my opinion Gamer’s Club is way better. Basically you pay $15.00 for a year subscription. The $15.00 pays for itself in no time flat, especially if you’re an avid gamer. If you head past the break I’ve included a list of everything you get with the subscription. But here’s the best part. For a bunch of upcoming games right now, if you pre-order and pick up the games within 7 days of their release, you get a 20 dollar Best Buy Reward Zone certificate. I myself just pre-ordered 4 games on the list, and so long as I get them within a week of their releases I’m making a total of $80.00 on the deal. Head past the break for the list of games, and more Gamer’s Club info.

Gamer’s Club Perks:

Get 2x points on new game software, digital content and game accessories
Get 2x points when you trade in games
Get points on gaming consoles
Redeem Rewards Certificates on nearly everything at Best Buy
Special money-saving exclusive offers
10% bonus trade-in credit on your game software trade-ins
10% off pre-owned games
Buy two, get the third free on pre-owned games via a special welcome coupon
Save 50% on a new strategy guide via special welcome coupon
One year digital subscription of @Gamer the Best Buy exclusive gaming magazine
Get at least $100 in valuable coupons per @Gamer issue

If you trade in and buy used games a lot having the Gamer’s Club can really help you save some money. Something Best Buy also does a decent amount of times throughout the year is a 100% trade in deal. Basically if you go to trade in a game, you get double what it’s normally worth alongside the 10% bonus from being in the Gamer’s Club.

Games You Can Get A 20 Dollar Reward Zone Certificate Each For:

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance
BioShock Infinite
Tomb Raider
God Of War: Ascension
Gears Of War: Judgement
Injustice: Gods Among Us
Splinter Cell: Blacklist
Dead Island Riptide
South Park: The Stick Of Truth
The Last Of Us
Grand Theft Auto V