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Paul W.S. Anderson Likely Returning To ‘Resident Evil 6’, Film To Be Released September 12th, 2014

Now that Sony Screen Gems has set a release date of September 12th, 2014 (per Sony), it’s hard to imagine that Paul W.S. Anderson won’t be back for Resident Evil 6. He’s gone on record numerous times stating that he intended to start, and complete, a new trilogy that began with Resident Evil: Afterlife and continued with last September’s Resident Evil: Retribution.

While Retribution‘s domestic take wasn’t exactly enormous, its worldwide gross was $221,810,789 (Afterlife had an even more impressive cume of $296,221,663). In the Dickson house, we don’t care if your money comes from Japan, Bulgaria or wherever, just as long as it’s money. Most other businesses feel the same way, hence the continued march of the series.

Even though these movies aren’t always my cup of tea, I felt that Retribution was easily the best. What would YOU like to see in the soon-to-be-retitled Resident Evil 6?



  • Shyguy

    Really? Another one?

  • En_Noir

    What I’d like to see? This go into development hell and never be made.

  • Evan3

    I would like to see Resident Evil vs. Underworld!

  • divisionbell

    Please no more

  • 905Justin

    Paul WS Anderson has the reverse midas touch…every thing he touches turns to shit. Please no more of these god awful movies

  • Zombie-Killa

    I really, REALLY, REALLY tried, but I could not get into Retribution. The 3D was amazing in theaters, but the movie just bored the ever loving shit out of me. How? How is it possible that one film can feature so many extravagant and breath taking set pieces, and still be so fucking boring?

    I always defend Milla Jovcioch (hope I spelled that right), because I think she gets a lot of unnecessary hate as an actress, but Extinction is the last RE film I was able to get into.

    BUT with all that said, I’m going to watch the next RE film (probably in theaters to. lol.). Shit, I’ve gone this far, and I’ve followed the story for five films, so why give up now? lol.

    • djblack1313

      Zombie-Killa, i couldn’t agree more! lol. as i said in my comment below like/love RE’s 1-4 but RETRIBUTION was so abysmal to me (and to many many MANY fellow RE film/game fans!!! i’ve been discussing each RE movie over on each respective IMDB board over the years and SO MANY people/friends who have always liked/loved/defended these RE movies and even THEY despised RETRIBUTION! lol).

      • Zombie-Killa

        LOL, so true!I could tolerate Afterlife, but Retribution just sunk to new lows. And I’m not THAT familiar with the video games. I have a few RE games for Nintendo 64 and Playstation I (don’t use either system anymore), and I was too cheap to buy the game (or games?) for PS3. lol.

        • Kwonkicker

          Dude we are polar opposites. I HATED Afterlife and feel it was the worst of the entire series. Retribution was still only marginally better. I have little hope for the next film. In all honesty I believe this is the one movie series that needs rebooting.

          • Zombie-Killa

            LOL, Kwonkicker!!!! I did say I could TOLERATE Afterlife, but I didn’t love it. And yeah, a reboot is desperately needed for RE in the future. Starting from scratch wouldn’t be a bad thing.

  • DarrelDreadful

    For all of you who hate these films and wish they end up in “development hell” are hilarious to me. How the heck would that happen after the success of this franchise??? Aren’t you tired of hopeless wishing? Anyway.. I understand that these movies arent for everyone. I get it and I too wish they went in a different direction, but call me a sucker because the RE films are just a big guilty pleasure of mine. The last one was a step up from Afterlife (the worst in the series imo) but it still had its dumb moments. Extinction was actually my favorite because of its (almost) gritty tone it had. Then after that we get an overly-polished zombie(barely) remake of the Matrix. Again, I can see why RE fans dont like these movies. I just love them for what they are, and 6 movies later you either like them or you don’t. Nobody forces you to buy a ticket to each entry. And obviously they aren’t a huge fail if they keep making so much money. I look forward to this one, I just hope all bets are off and we get a epic finale.. if this does turn out to be the last one.

    • ThunderDragoon

      I completely agree thet Afterlife was the worst one. Retribution was my 2nd least favorite. I really hope this sixth film rekindles my love for the RE movies and doesn’t join the other two films in the second trilogy as my least favorites. Either way, if I love it or hate it, I hope they reboot this franchise after the sixth film and make the movies more like the first 3 games. Having an RE movie be straight horror is what a lot of us have been wanting for a long time.

    • En_Noir

      How is it hilarious? With each and every movie it’s just another mockery and slap in the face of something that had so much potential as a really amazing horror franchise. It stopped being about resident evil and more about how much they can showcase Milla doing impossible stunts and breaking “zombies” necks. Just because A film franchise keeps making money doesn’t make it good. Sure they are entertaining to a certain extent, but that is it, something you can have on in the background and turn your brain off. Once again you won’t be getting my money again, not that it’ll make a difference. Let’s see who they pick to show up in the next movie (I expect they just have a bunch of characters on a board and just toss a dart blindfolded) either way.

      • K-Dogg

        I so agree En_Noir, this sucked from Extinction on, and that’s with the first 2 flicks being ok. The original games rule, and they have now shit on the franchise in both movies and the last 2 video games. Res. 4 game was wicked, but shit afterwards.

    • divisionbell

      The first one was a nice guilty pleasure, unfortunately it just kept getting worse with every film. This is a series worthy of a true reboot. These films are garbage.

  • djblack1313

    Darrel, i have to add to your comment (which i agree with overall. APOCALYPSE is my fave though!)….you guys, i admit RETRIBUTION was pretty bad but for fuck’s sake let the people (like me!) who have had stuck with this franchise get a proper final entry!! LOL. 🙂

    but i must reiterate, i thought RETRIBUTION was an abomination. it’s the first RE entry that i truly hated and actually made me MUCH less interested in any more RE movies. but all i ask to those who want NO MORE ANDERSON/MILLA RE MOVIES….i just want one more (i’m not even expecting it to be satisfying/good! LOL) film to give it the ending it probably should have had 2 movies ago. 🙂

    i love Milla overall and i do love RE’s 1-4 but i too will be looking forward to whatever reboot the RE movie-verse comes our way. i’m actually glad the Anderson/Milla RE movies are coming to an end.

  • djblack1313

    i forgot, Sony (RES EVIL’s studio) also needs to give the UNDERWORLD (or at least Selene/Michael storyline) movies a final proper ending movie. i loved AWAKENING and if they just leave the movie with that unfinished ending…….i’ll be pissed.

  • c-s-a78

    the giant spiders form the original game.they gave me a shiver esp when you killed them and baby spiders came out of its guts and ran after you!also the red plant or vile!!!like in the game, the green and blue plants were virus vialsin the movies.maybe the “red” viles can be the cure to all the worlds out of control zombies!!!just a thought!LOL.

  • doomas10

    I do not care if people do not want to see more flicks like RE. It is one of my guilty pleasures .While I believe the best is by far the first entry – I disliked entirely Apocalypse and extinction..dear god. Afterlife was ok and REtribution is my second favourite (the fight choreography in the corridor between Japan and Suburbia is woa!). Now since the franchise has lots of ups and downs depending the preferences of each viewer, I still support it because it is mindless fun with lots of guns, explosions and zombies/monsters. Sure, the plot makes no sense…but watching Milla kicking ass is one thing I cannot get enough too. There I said it! Enough! You are all of you beneath me! I am resident evil fan you dull creatures and I won’t be bull..! *gets grabbed by other fans and get slammed on the floor repeatedly*

    • c-s-a78

      well said.anyone who thinks milla kicking ass in tight leather sucks…there is something wrong with you.and another thing,if you don’t like a series of movies,don’t watch the rest!simple.

  • horrorking95

    Shouldn’t they just stop now? I gav up after the second one, they were just too pathetic for me.

  • joesey

    I’d like to see Chris and Claire Redfield return. it should end where it all began–at the hive

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