[TV] Les Moonves' Offhand Comments About "Dexter" Convince Some That Season 8 Is The End - Bloody Disgusting
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[TV] Les Moonves’ Offhand Comments About “Dexter” Convince Some That Season 8 Is The End



The 8th Season of “Dexter” will premiere on Sunday, June 30th. And while there has always been speculation – even strong wording – that this season will be its last, it’s never been confirmed. Today a few people are taking recent comments by CBS Corp. CEO Les Moonves without the grain of salt normally called for in these situations. See, Moonves told some analyst who asked about Showtime’s slate, ““We have Ray Donovan coming on with Liev Schreiber, which comes on with Dexter’s last season starting in June and then we have Masters of Sex.” Nevermind that this is a totally offhand comment made on the fly in the form of one sentence that somehow addresses three shows.

Also nevermind the fact that the plan all along has been to see how Season 8 performs in the ratings first. What’s interesting is that at least one of the sites who picked up this story from The Hollywood Reporter actually included the following sentence in the body of their article, “A spokesperson for the network told The Hollywood Reporter late Monday that there was “nothing confirmed” about if the series could and would continue beyond season eight.

I only point this out to clarify to you guys – nothing actually seems to be decided yet. Any articles you’re reading that have something to the effect of “Showtime Confirms Season 8 As The Last” as the headline actually include an official statement made after that which negates the whole point of the article.

Head inside to see the teaser for what could be the last season of “Dexter” (but who knows).