[Toys] Vintage 'Alien' Fast Food Glasses; NECA 'Aliens' Action Figures - Bloody Disgusting
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[Toys] Vintage ‘Alien’ Fast Food Glasses; NECA ‘Aliens’ Action Figures



Our friends at Figures have news on some fresh Alien collectibles arriving later this year. Inspired by vintage “Fast Food” glasses, these four glasses from Super7 present a memorable scene from Ridley Scott’s 1979 sci-fi horror movie Alien on the front side, featuring colorful artwork created exclusively for this gift set. The backs reveal the four-part lifecycle of the Xenomorph – the menacing Alien creature itself. This collectible set includes: The Space Jockey, “Big Chap” aka The Alien, Kane’s Chestburster, and Ripley & the Airlock. Each 16 ounce Pint Glass measures approximately 5 ¾” tall. $49.99 Boxed Set of Four.

NECA surprises Aliens fans with news a new action figure two-pack. Based on the Dark Horse comic “Aliens: Genocide,” the set stars a black and red “Alien Warrior.” Each 9-inch tall figure features over 30 points of articulation, including extending inner mouths, bendable tails, double elbows and knees. The “Aliens: Genocide” 2-pack is due for release this June and will be followed in August with a Hicks vs Warrior 2-pack (blue Alien w/ exploding head), and a Hudson vs Warrior 2-pack (brown alien w/ body damage) in October. The Colonial Marines in the last two sets will feature new helmeted head sculpts and expressions, as well as new accessories. The “Genocide” 2-pack will be the only place to get your hands on a black Warrior Alien this year. Aliens Series 1, scheduled for release this April, will include an Alien Warrior (Brown), Hicks and Hudson. NECA has at least 13 Aliens figures planned for release this year. These inlcude two assortments with 3 figures each, the three different 2-packs, and a massive Queen boxed set scheduled for the holidays.