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You Wanted An Update On, Yawn, ‘Scream 5’?

Wes Craven shares another update on Scream 5, which continues to be less likely than the already announced potential television series.

So far I have not heard anything about Scream 5 from Bob Weinstein,” franchise director Wes Craven tells AITH.

There is some talk about a television series, but I don’t think anything has moved forward on that yet. That’s what I’m hearing more than anything else from the guys at Dimension. It would be them picking up the phone and asking me if I wanted to play with them, so…

Thanks to “The Walking Dead,” small screen horror is all the rage, and thus the idea of a Scream television series makes a whole lotta sense. Until that changes, don’t expect any major developments on Scream 5 (shit, they haven’t even gotten a new Halloween off the ground yet).

And honestly, even though I’d be the first in line for a fifth Scream, I’m not jonesing for it…



  • Kroork

    I want to see two more ! I need my franchises in three’s so they should have either left it at 3 it get ready for 5 and 6 !

    • doomas10

      me too!

  • ill_mindedd

    lets do one more scream film and then be done with this. this franchise is my favorite, but if they make a tv series out of it, it could ruin ghostface. make tv horror thats ORIGINAL, and not make every classic horror film into a tv show. craven please dont let me see “Scream: The TV Series” on MTV. i will cry.

  • Aaron Emery

    MTV’s ‘Scream: The Show’

    How ’bout we just call it quits, yeah?

  • Kroork

    Yeah I am 100% against a tv show too

  • ill_mindedd

    lets make “the evil dead” into a tv series too! or have jason and freddy on MTV every thursday night after snooki and jwow. Scream is not ment for tv. none of these horror icons are ment for tv series.

  • weresmurf

    I dunno, in the right hands a SCREAM tv show could be just where the series would fit. Spending a season figuring out who it is etc. Someone doesn’t need to die every single episode, but getting involved with the characters, a 12 episode arc, getting attached to them and having them die off would make it more interesting?

    I mean the problem only exists though that one season would be sensible, however, beyond that, it would be beating a dead horse beyond belief…

  • Zombie-Killa

    Do we REALLY care anymore? I loved Scream 4, but I just don’t have the urge to watch another Scream film. IMO, Scream 4 is a perfect “ride off into the sunset” film. Please don’t stoop to Scream 3 levels of a shitty sequel.

    And a Scream series on MTV? No thanks. I imagine a watered-down Scream series on MTV, and they’ll probably change everything to fit the qualifications of pseudo-hipster teens. Such a shame. MTV was a great channel, when I was growing up. Fucking Real World and Jersey Shore.

  • DarrelDreadful

    I dont have a problem with a Scream tv show because I can imagine the possibilities. My problem is… MTV… absolutely not, that would kill all the potential imo. But screw tv series all together, I vote finish the new trilogy. Call me selfish, I really wanted to know what did Kevin have in mind for the new trilogy. Dimension should get their crap together, because I really want to see Halloween 3 too lol

  • Joe-Banger

    @Zombie-Killa, I concur with you on every thing you said except that last part about Real Bore and Jersey Snore, are you for or against those 2 shows? Im against them.

    • Zombie-Killa

      Against both, Joe. Sorry, should’ve been more clear the first time around. It annoys the shit out of me, because BOTH shows just perpetuated the trend of incompetent jackasses/nobodies becoming “celebrities.” And I use the term celebrity very , very , very loosely.

      • dr.lamb

        On the other hand… A show about douche bags followed by a series about a slasher-killer that kills teenie-douche bags… I can see the subversive potential 🙂

  • wehoaks

    I miss the days when BD was all about reporting news and not peppering it ad nauseum with their own opinions that they treat as fact.

  • scorpiokorea

    i think the killings should be more than just stabbing like in the original scream. maybe do a copycat killer where he does the kills in the fashion of other horror movies. like one of the kills could be from friday the 13th or black xmas.

  • doomas10

    I actually care for Scream 5. I even liked Scream 3. It had certian good scenes although overall it failed to reach the level of greatness of the first two entries. The characters never acted liked the characters in the first two chapters and Krueger didn’t understand them at all. However, Scream 4 remains awesome for me and it is my favourite of them all. I require a scream 5 to see Craven’s fantastic direction, Beltrami’s inspiring and creepy score and Kirby coming back god-damn it!

  • lovezoid

    I’d like to see Wes Craven have a crack at something new and original that actually delivers on the guy’s potential again. You see interviews with this guy, he comes across as so intelligent and articulate with these great ideas about horror, myth, the psyche, so why aren’t we seeing great films from him anymore? I can only guess its about money. The last thing I saw by him was that werewolf movie with Christina Ricci which was pretty forgettable.

    At least let him produce a remake of People Under the Stairs, I loved that movie.

  • c-s-a78

    apparently sids dad was going to die in the opening in scream 5.sid then had to work out who and why her dad died and secrets he left behind!!!

  • DeathsList

    I’m all up for the TV show. Scream 5 would be amazing but it’s unlikely to happen as of now.

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