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[TV] ‘Kill List’ Director Hits the Black Market With HBO’s “Silk Road”

HBO is getting into the thriller business with Ben Wheatley as the Hollywood Reporter writes that the British filmmaker behind such independent films as Down Terrace, Sightseers and ultra-violent Kill List will write, executive produce and direct the original drama “Silk Road,” which is said to be in the vein of “The Prisoner.”

Though the premium cable network is keeping details of the project under wraps, it could be worth noting that Silk Road is the name of an online black market, where the majority of products qualify as contraband in most jurisdictions.

This will probably be our only report on the project until we can confirm there are horror elements. It eventually tuend out that Wheatley’s next project, a civil war drama titled A Field in England, is actually horror-themed. He is also developing the large-scale sci-fi action film Freak Shift with David Linde’s Lava Bear Productions. He’s a horror guy.



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