Dimension Releases “Super Lame” Version Of ‘Scary Movie 5′ Poster; Pimps Newly Added Spoofs…

  • Kroork

    The scary movies have been awful since the 3rd one. This is no exception. Looks horrendous !

    • BeautifulDisaster

      I’m with you there. I really can’t believe they’re still cranking this crap out.

    • VersaVulture

      I LOVED the first two and the 3rd is a guilty pleasure. Scary Movie 4 was complete crap and when I didn’t think that it could get worse… part 5 somehow accomplished that!

  • DeathValzer

    I cannot believe how shitty and careless this looks. They completely killed the series.

  • Jasonicus

    Why do people waste their money on shit like this? Not original and lame. Folks, use your heads and stop paying for mediocre satire.

  • Aaron Emery

    The first 2 (and some of the 3rd) were comedy gold! The 4th did have some funny parts but not many. This looks awful, like NO effort at all. When this was announced I thought “it’s been a while since the last, maybe this could turn out okay” then the trailer happened.
    With this and ‘A Haunted House’ it’s like nobody even tried. Who the fuck feels this is worthy of the money it cost to make?

  • ill_mindedd

    i loved he first two, mainly cause the wayans brothers had alot to do with the first couple films. but after that these just movies have just gotten worse and worse, and this one dosent even have anna faris in it. heres a HINT : if the orginal cast has declined to be in the squal. . . then DONT make the fucking sequal!!

  • HorrorManiac666

    I liked A Haunted House but this just looks awful.

  • http://thefilmpolice.blogspot.com/ Armand DC

    I’m now ready to kill these black brothers. No intention to be a racist, I just want to kill them for making these kinds of crap. -_- (The first two are exceptions)

    • http://thefilmpolice.blogspot.com/ Armand DC

      Okay, I just sounded a bit too racist in this one. Pardon me, I’m just tired of these spoof films. -_-

  • Catastrophe

    No Anna Faris, no interest. That being said, she probably made the right decision not coming back to the series. These stopped being funny after the third one (although the fourth did have its moments). This one just looks stupid.