[TV] New Mini-Trailers Tease The Property In “Hemlock Grove”

  • djblack1313

    Famke Janssen? HELL YES!! this looks great!

  • dr.lamb

    Damn, i thought this was made by Kevin Williamson…

  • Aaron Emery

    Exciting! Famke is absolutely wonderful! @dr.lamb, Williamson doesn’t have the best track record with television. Actually I don’t care for much of what he has done post-Scream. On the flip side I have been very impressed with what Eli Roth has given us thus far.

    • dr.lamb

      Yup, I completely forgot this guy is responsible for “Dawson’s Creek” (shudder). And I can’t stand Roth either. But now that he was ostracized from Hollywood for so long, he is hopefully a more humble director now 😀