11 Reasons You Should Have Played 'Silent Hill: Origins' - Bloody Disgusting!

11 Reasons You Should Have Played ‘Silent Hill: Origins’

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Welcome to Games You Should Have Played. Where I attempt to shame you for not playing specific video games. Numbers don’t lie. Since the release of the original Silent Hill, the games have struggled to raise sales as the years have gone by. It’s a damn shame because it’s a great series. And for the most part each game has come with a solid story, great atmosphere, and nightmarish creatures. A lot of fans of the franchise have gotten more and more harsh towards each new game in the series, as Konami and the random developers attempt to bring the game into the future while retaining deep roots. Past the break I hope to shame you into playing Silent Hill: Origins if you haven’t. Enjoy!

Now I know some things on this list may make you think I hate them, but I assure you that isn’t the case. The things on this list really make the game what it is. Awesome. 

Puzzles, Puzzles, Puzzles

As you can see in the picture below, there are puzzles. A lot of puzzles. I myself love puzzles. I always have a pad of paper or stack of post-it notes with me when I’m playing a Silent Hill game, and it was no different for Origins. The game continually scared the bejesus out of me while making me use my brain as well. A deadly combo indeed.

The Butcher, Man

This guy. Oh man this guy. If anyone creeps me out just as much as Pyramid Head, it’s The Butcher. This creepo walks around Silent Hill butchering (see what I did there?) its inhabitants. He carries a HUGE over-sized butchers knife which, though not as big as Pyramid Head’s, it’s still scary. I would love to see a cage match between the two. 


If you’re familiar with the Silent Hill series, then you know Alessa. This little bitch doesn’t say a god damn word the entire game, and pretty much messes with you the whole time. She burns me to my core, as she stalks you while waiting for you to finish tasks she can’t do herself. 

My Stress Level

I kid you not, about 90 percent of the time I was playing Origins I was on edge. My heart was constantly beating a bit faster than normal and my pulse was racing. In my opinion that makes a great survival horror game. One that doesn’t let up, and leaves me feeling constantly threatened.

Composed By A Genius

Akira Yamaoka. I hope you’ve heard that name. He’s synonymous with the Silent Hill series, Yamaoka has composed just about every track of music for the Silent Hill series. The latest entry, Downpour, was taken on by hit show Dexter’s composer, Daniel Licht. Akira hits it out of the park again with SHO. The game even starts out with a familiar voice you may have heard before if you are familiar with the series. Mary Elizabeth McGlynn, or Melissa Williamson, has sang in the Silent Hill series from 3 and beyond. Her amazing and haunting voice has been an incredible addition to the music in the series.  

Incredible Story

As far as I can recall I’ve never been let down by a main character’s plot line in a Silent Hill game. Like most fans, the story in Silent Hill 2 is my personal favorite. I loved the story in Homecoming (blasphemy, I know). Travis Grady’s story in Origin’s is like a child’s horror story and worst nightmare. I don’t want to reveal too much in case my shaming leads you to play the game. For the unfamiliar, Travis and his father came to Silent Hill when he was a child because his mother was admitted to Cedar Grove Sanitarium. The events that followed, well, no child should go through that.

The Mirrors

Strategically placed mirrors in the game allow Travis to travel between foggy Silent Hill and dark, bloody, metallic, industrial, gooey Silent Hill. I love this aspect of the game because you are forced to travel to the even darker side to progress through the game. Sometimes to get to heaven you have to go through hell, right?

Lisa Garland

We all remember this drug addict looney toon from the original Silent Hill. Well Origins takes place 7 years before the original games story. She’s a trainee over at Alchemilla Hospital and an avid PTV user. PTV is a recreation drug made up for the Silent Hill world. She adds to the eeriness of Silent Hill by being one of the only living people wandering around the town. Not many of the “normal” people you ever meet in Silent Hill are very normal, and she is no different. 

The Endings. The Good, The Bad, The Unidentified Flying Object

Fans of the series know about Silent Hill’s famous endings. In most cases you get a good, a bad, and a UFO ending. Usually, you have to finish the game at least three times to get them all. The good ending in Origins is quite peaceful. The bad ending gives me nightmares. The UFO ending warms my heart. By all means, if you don’t mind spoilers watch all three in the video below. 

Breakable Weapons, Breakable Ridiculous Weapons

There are a lot of melee weapon choices in Origins, enough where you will almost never need a weapon. If you want, you can collect them throughout the game as I did. I build up probably 50 random melee weapons and carried them all around with grace. I’m talking spears, katanas, screwdrivers, sledge hammers, scalpels and more. You also get one time use RIDICULOUS weapons like portable TVs, mini filing cabinets, toasters and more. I can’t tell you how satisfying it is to bash a creepy sexy nurse in the fucked up face with a mini filing cabinet. 

Bare Knuckle Brawling

SHO is the first game to let you straight up box it out with Silent Hill’s most horrible creatures if you have exhausted all of your portable TVs. Though attempting to punch my good friend the Butcher in the face will result in your prompt mutilation.

Among many of my friends, most have not played Origins. It seems to be a Silent Hill game that should be up there with the best, most talked about games. Alas it is not. The game got an average of about a C+ for reviews, which isn’t too bad. Personally I would have given it a higher score. I seriously recommend this game, especially to fans of the older Silent Hill games. Hey, that’s why I wrote this!

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  • horroraddiction

    Silent Hill Origins is definitely one of my favorite games in the series. I loved the story, characters, and puzzles but have never been a big fan of the combat, in any of the games for that matter.

  • joesey

    I’ve tried to play this game but its only on the GODAM PSP!!! I don’t care to buy that esp since those things always get outdated by something newer and better. They should offer it as a reg. download for ps3

    • Adam Dodd

      It’s also available for the PS2, if you still have one of those, but I agree – I’d like to see this available on PSN.

  • JonathanBarkan

    I really enjoyed this game! Starting out I was kinda let down. However, when I beat the game I immediately started a new one. Don’t know what it was but I just had to play it again. Each playthrough got better and better.

  • ThunderDragoon

    One of the many games I still have to play.

  • LaidToRest19

    Damn, wish I could play this! Love me some Silent Hill.

  • andyetitmoves17

    Nooooo this game is awful. The story contradicts with the other games, the Butcher is a reskinned Pyramid Head who works with much less subtlety, and Lisa’s character was completely misconstrewed.

    • Heather Beckett McDonald

      I know this post is from two years ago but I am going to have to disagree with you on the point that the nightmare world should not exist as it took place before the SH1 storyline ~ should any fans like myself find themselves coming across this page in the future.

      So about this game not working because it was before the events of SH1 ~ Actually …. that isn’t true. It fits perfectly as SH1 was not the beginning of the SH Underworld. It was only Harry’s and Cheryl’s first experience.
      SH1 did not happen until Cheryl / Carol / Heather was 7 years old.
      However Alessa and the demon had been there for quite some time before splitting her soul and leaving the baby at an orphanage.
      SH1 only happened when it did because it was time for Cheryl to return to SH when they needed her.
      BUT ~ Alessa made the deal with the demon when the town began to burn ~ in 1974.

      The “religious” zealots were able to hide from Alessa and the demon due to their blond conviction. But Alessa’s Underworld did in fact exist. But because they could not reach the cult to exact their revenge ~ the demon pulled whatever goodness that remained inside of Alessa and placed that part of her soul into a newborn child ~ because they needed her / her adoptive parent to reach them.

      But before Cheryl was even born ~ the town and those that were a part of it were being haunted and tormented.

      It wasn’t just Alessa’s enemies that were suffering. When Silent Hill became a Hellish Underworld ~ the power from that reached any list souls that were tied to it.
      Which is why there are several SH storylines that have absolutely nothing to do with Alessa.


      ~ 7

  • Steve Newell

    it’s an awesome game. fuck the haters lol

  • Lamb_of_God

    Great stuff! SHO is definitely one of the best survival horror experiences on a portable platform. It looks great and as you said the music is superb.

  • is this shit serious?

    • Laura Cristina Sarcos

      It was a great game. Deal with it.