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Would You Kindly Look At This Amazing ‘BioShock’ Cosplay?

With BioShock Infinite just around the corner, many fans are excitedly preparing to explore the floating city of Columbia. Infinite’s city in the sky is the polar opposite of where the series started, in the underwater city of Rapture, hidden in the murky depths of the Atlantic. I’ll never forget my first encounter with a Big Daddy — which didn’t end well — or the first time I was given the choice to either save the Little Sister or harvest her for precious Adam. That’s what makes this BioShock cosplay so great, because it reminds me of all the time I spent in Rapture.

For more of Benny Lee’s work, check out his Deviant Art gallery.

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  • HMH

    These are so great. I’m sad we won’t get a BioShock film.

  • thevyrsaiplague

    I harvested the little sisters my first playthrough and the game made me feel terrible for doing so. That’s what I’ll always remember.

  • ThunderDragoon

    I haven’t got to play any Bioshock games yet, but these are cool.

  • Mr.Mirage

    There have been others, but the Bioshock games started a trend in me that requires me to watch them as if they were a movie. I have not played these (yet) but have watched my son play the first two, and frankly, I wish movies were this good.

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