Evil Goes 'Solo' In New Indie "Girl in the Woods" Thriller! - Bloody Disgusting!

Evil Goes ‘Solo’ In New Indie “Girl in the Woods” Thriller!

Only one will survive the night!

Continental Media has nabbed the rights to sell the latest “girl in the woods” horror feature, Solo, which has just wrapped post-production and is already gaining traction with distributors, this May at Cannes. Check out the sales art inside!

When her summer job requires a qualifying “solo” camping trip, Gillian, a young and athletic teenager, meets her greatest fear: an unknown stranger in the woods. With her only connection to the outside world being a two-way radio, Gillian readies to fight. Campsites become battlefields and essential supplies become weapons.

Solo follows a teenage girl who is terrorized while spending two nights alone on a remote island as part of her camp counselor initiation. The film brings every girl’s nightmare to the screen in an intimate utterly terrifying way.

Isaac Cravit writes and directs. Annie Clark, Daniel Kash, and Richard Clarkin star.