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[Indie Horror Spotlight] ‘Homesick’ Combines ‘Slender’ And ‘Clock Tower’ With Terrifying Results

Welcome to the new and improved Indie Horror Spotlight! See that hologram behind you? THAT’S PART OF IT. Okay, no holograms, but that would’ve been cool, right? Unfortunately, that’s not within our budget. Until we get our hologram funding, you’ll have to sit back and enjoy this brand new edition of IHS. What makes this one particularly special is I decided to record myself playing the game. Yes, I freak out. Yes, I curse like a sailor. And yes, it’s embarrassing.

Tonight, it’s all about the incredibly freaky indie horror game Homesick.

Homesick — not to be confused with the other indie horror game with the same name — is a 2D pixel-art side-scrolling game in the same vein as Home and Lone Survivor. Unlike those two games, this is free, and it’s best enjoyed in small chunks of time.

The game was created by Chloe Sagal, who describes it as a “short point-and-click adventure game, it’s kind of in the style of the old clocktower games, except without the unnecessarily slow text of the PS1 release.

It’s freaky, and wonderful, and I’ll definitely be returning to it as soon as figure out what the hell I’m supposed to do.

Until then, enjoy this video!

If you’d rather play this yourself, you can download it here.

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