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As We Suspected, ‘Evil Dead’ Is A Sequel That Eventually Leads To Major Crossover In ‘Evil Dead 7’!!

Director Fede Alvarez dropped a bomb on WonderCon audiences during an Evil Dead panel this Sunday in the Anaheim convention center n California.

Back when the red band trailer had been released, We had pointed out some interesting imagery that suggested that maybe the new Evil Dead, in theaters April 5, was actually a sequel. Alvarez confirmed this to the WonderCon crowd, while also adding something major.

He told audiences that an Evil Dead 2 (followed by a planned Evil Dead 3), and the recently announced Army of Darkness 2, will eventually crossover for the ultimate cult horror movie Evil Dead 7, reports Movieweb. So, after two sequels to the current remake – the remake universe will collide with the old “Ash” universe in a film that will amount to be the 4th installment in both franchises.

At this time, Sam Raimi and his brother Ivan Raimi are working on the screenplay for Army of Darkness 2, which will continue the story of Ash as seen in the original The Evil Dead from 1981. While Fede Alvarez might have been joking, suggests the site, who was on hand for the panel, he seemed serious when he said he plans to join both his new franchise together with Sam Raimi’s old franchise.

Hail the king, baby.



  • DarrelDreadful

    As interesting as that sounds, will it be needed is the question. I cant wait to see Evil Dead, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

  • Kenzo

    That’s allot of movies … But I haven’t even seen the new Evil Dead. Once I see it maybe I can ties some things together and slowly understand this franchise their making. I guess he could have been joking, but who jokes about something this major? I do agree with Darrel though. I’ll try not to get too much more ahead of myself lol.

  • dirtyghettok

    No movies are ever needed, even if the prior left a lot of questions. Like everything in life its a matter of choice to see it or not. On one hand you could go see Army of Darkness 2, or on the other you could go see Cloudy with a Chance of Sweaty Balls on the other. You decide.

  • Aaron Emery

    If there’s any thing worse than get

  • Aaron Emery

    If there’s any thing worse than getting ‘Army of Darkness 2’ it’s ruining the serious tone of the remake with a crossover!

  • Kroork

    Wow SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Would have liked going into the movie NOT having read THIS news HEADLINE!

    • EvanDickson

      @Kroork – having seen the movie, I don’t think this spoils anything.

  • eagleye25

    Seems highly unlikely. Why not just make AOD2 now? Either way I suppose. The franchise seems like it’s in good hands.

  • mav07

    April Fools aint until Monday. This is cheating.

  • mav07

    but if this is true, how are they going to get Campbells fat ass out of those stupid Hawaiian shirts and back into shape?

  • Spike0037

    @MrDisgusting why why did you have to but that in the head line. I have gone out of my way not wanting to know a thing about this and you have to blow it. It was irresponsible of you. all you had to do was but spoiler about the evil dead remake as the store headline. I did not read you articular as not to be spoiled even more. And @EvanDickson it does not matter if YOU THINK IT DOESN’T SPOIL ANYTHING. it’s not about you because if there’s that little surprise it that will make us go WOW it is now gone.

    • EvanDickson

      @Spike0037 I’m sorry you’re upset. Hopefully this helps – there has been open speculation about whether or not the EVIL DEAD remake is a sequel since the Oldsmobile appeared in the trailer. Months ago we had an article about it.

      But it’s not something that’s ever confirmed in the movie – aside from the car’s appearance. The information in the headline – I promise you – literally has nothing to do with the content of the remake or what happens in it.

      As someone who has seen the film twice, not once did I think while watching it “oh this is or isn’t a sequel.” It simply doesn’t come up in the film.

      I guess that’s why I felt comfortable saying it wasn’t a spoiler.

      Brad and I are all about you guys enjoying yourselves as much as possible and we don’t like doing anything that would keep you from enjoying a good movie.

      In that regard, hopefully you’ll take my word for it that neither Brad or I considered this a spoiler when the article was posted simply because it only has to do with future movies – not this movie itself.

      • Spike0037

        first off I understand the Oldsmobile was in the trailer does it mean that was a little story in there about it. All so the Oldsmobile premature piers in everything Sam Raimi does not just direct to the point even if you think it’s a spoiler you should’ve said something. Now second being that I kept away from everythingwould you like to know is anybody giving Diablo Cody any credit because everybody wasall up in arms when they found out she was writing a script. Third can you guys please get this website working on droid devices

        • grossgreg

          This isn’t a spoiler. Nobody wants to go through the comments and read your bratty whining. Suck it up and figure out how to string words together more coherently – some of your bitching doesn’t even make sense.

      • Kroork

        I am good with that 🙂

  • Aaron Emery

    Ya’ll know what’s funny? I didn’t even catch the “spoiler” in the headline until you fuckers pointed it out! So thanks for making a small thing blow up!
    Either way, the word sequel kind of intrigues me even more. I pretty much got the vibe back when the image of the car was released that it at least took place in a world where the original had really happened. Any way, who cares it looks bad ass either way.

    • Aaron Emery

      Still don’t need Ash and the Stooges crossing over though. Please.

      • Scorpionsy

        Yes, I agree..see my long comment below…unless you don’t want any spoilers for now.

    • Kroork

      Your welcome!

  • ThunderDragoon

    So strange. I guess we’ll see how it all happens!

  • EvilHead1981

    Is this legit, or is someone too giddy about April Fools that they are getting a head start a few days earlier?

  • Marty McFly

    Evil Dead 7? Jesus, never thought I’d ever see that…. I really hope the remake is as balls to the wall as everyone says it is. I’m going opening night, can’t fucking wait.

  • Scorpionsy

    Ok I really don’t think this is a SEQUEL to the original movie…why? For several reasons….read on and I am giving SPOILER alert for those who don’t want to read anything before watching the movie…so here goes…SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER…………………………………………
    So even though there are elements in the movie hinting as a Nods to the original movie….Fede included them only as fan service…not with the intention that they are actually LEFT OVER FROM THE ORIGINAL 1981 movie. The reason being that EXCEPT for the Oldsmobile Delta 88 in the remake (and a few other things that I will mention in a later fan-nod/easter egg article here on Bloody Disgusting after the movie is released)…nothing in the remake LOOKS EXACTLY like in the original. For example:

    1- The Cabin LOOKS like the original from the outside but is not designed internally like the original…including the floor/room layout…plus the fact that (SPOILERS AGAIN>>>) the original cabin was occupied by a professor and in this one is owned by someone in the family of the group that goes there.

    2- The Book of the Dead in the original and 1987 sequel looked completely different than this new version…with different pages and art and text inside PLUS the fact that this new book (unlike the original book)…SPOILER ALERT AGAIN….is fire-resistant.

    3- The Book of the Dead in the original …had Sumerian Candarian Demons…and this new version is focusing on SHAITAN (Satan) doing most of the possessions. So there are huge differences between both books…conflicting that this is even happening on in the same universe as the original (even though the rumored deleted scene that they denied was shot with Bruce Campbell at the end might have been something they wanted to consider to tie both worlds together…maybe in a parallel dimension?)

    4- The Deadites in this remake look completely different and are all really without any character…except for Cellar Deadite…who probably is the same demon controlling all the Deadites simultaneously like puppets. Where as in the original movie…Possessed Cheryl (while hovering in the air) announced that a bunch of demons have been disturbed from their ancient slumber)…and each person who gets possessed has their own personality and look as a Deadite…and behaves violently in a different manner…and all but one really spoke in the original.

    So, I think it is just either a game/tease by Fede or they are just wishfully thinking how they might want to tie it…but I definately think this was not designed as a sequel at all.

    Plus, if they made AOD2 as dark as they did this remake or bring it back to the original movie’s serious tone…it might be possible…but AOD fans want the idiotic/egotistical version of Ash…so both will not blend well that way.

    • Scorpionsy

      Oh, and I forgot to mention another point in this movie…..SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER……there is no Demonic Skull Dagger Nor even the Tape Recorder from the original movie in the sequel…Just a completely different looking/drawn and inked book.

      • akmal154

        thanks for the spoilers =)
        Scary Evil Dead and Funny Evil Dead sounds good to me.

      • Scorpionsy

        I made a type…I said “from the original movie in the sequel”…instead of sequel …I meant REMAKE.

        • Scorpionsy

          not type…typo…LOL! It’s getting late I guess 🙂

  • akmal154

    Fuck yes make this into a franchise baby.
    Had enough of the Paranormal Bullshit.

  • evilfairydust

    What? I’m sorry but that all sounds a little ridiculous.

    Plus, one of the reasons I’m so excited about the remake is because it looks seriously brutal. Not funny cheesy. WHY, would you want to cross the serious with the silly? And how do you even successfully accomplish that?

    • weresmurf

      They did that once. It was called EVIL DEAD 2 and it was GLORIOUS.

      • evilfairydust

        Not really a fan of Evil Dead 2. And if you’re going to remake something, why just do the same thing with it you did 30 years ago?

  • dr.lamb

    So it finally becomes a neverending franchise.

  • djblack1313

    i don’t see how the title is a spoiler at all. not at all. i really don’t like the crossover idea but we’ll see i guess.

  • bonerghost

    So we get almost 20 years of “I don’t think a Evil Dead 4 will ever happen”, and now all the sudden “it’s such a good idea and we’re going to do 4 more”. What the hell guys? I’m excited and all, but damn, it’s a little late to jump on all that.

  • STRIK9

    Shit will NEVER happen. Raimi dropped the ball with this franchise 20 years ago. He coulda easily kept this franchise going n did nothing with it. Now they have all these plans/ideas. Bruce will be damn near 70 if it happens and that is stupid. Each movie is like a 2 year production between writing n shooting. Sorry raimi,go back to oz.

    • dr.lamb

      Agree. First, they wont listen to the fans. Then they change their mind when it’s already too late. See Harrison Ford with “Indy IV” or his possible – please god, spare us – appearance as Han Solo in “Star Wars VII”.

  • STRIK9

    This HAS to be an april fool’s joke.

    • djblack1313

      if it IS a joke it’s being reported on just about every site.

  • Scorpionsy

    Again guys, like I said in my list of spoilerish reasons above…this is NOT a sequel! It was never designed as a sequel at all. If they do try to in the future fuse both movies…it was an afterthought..and it will be hard to do as it will confuse the heck out of regular viewers of the new movie. I stand by that thought.

    • Mater-Suspiriorum

      (SPOILERS) Then how do you explain the cameo of Ash in the post-credits scene, bro’?

      • Scorpionsy

        (SPOILER………….) For now, it is designed as a fan nod…but originally the longer scene (they are denying they shot) that was cut out was meant as a fan-nod and also a potential cross over. (But I think that idea was scrapped later on because it would confuse the movie viewers)

  • Zombie-Killa

    Wow. How did I scroll past this yesterday??????

    Anyway, if anything, I’m even more pumped for Friday now!

  • homodrome

    No shade to Raimi’s masterpiece trilogy, but are we really arguing continuity for a film series in which the second film essentially is a remake of the first film? As far as a logic, Evil Dead has never been a franchise which adhered closely to canon.

    This is one of the only major horror franchises that hasn’t descended into below mediocre direct to DVD crap. To all my fellow commenters who are complaining about whether or not Evil Dead is a sequel or a remake I inquire how you view the continuity of this series? The Evil Dead and Evil Dead II: Dead By Dawn do not follow a logical sequel formula. The second film is essentially a remake of the first.

    I for one would be happy as a Candarian demon in a river of blood to have Raimi and Campbell come back to the franchise in a sequel like talked about in this article. Army Of Darkness ends with Ash working at S-Mart (alternate ending aside) why couldn’t they meet up both storylines in the future?

    Just be happy this conversation is happening. This remake/sequel/reboot/whatever could have completely killed the franchise rather then reviving it. When A Nightmare On Elm Street got the remake treatment it killed the franchise… I would kill for a remake of NOES so good there was talk about it coincides with the original series.

    I look forward to whatever Raimi and company plan to do with the franchise. Bring it on!

    • Scorpionsy

      No, Raimi himself said ages ago that Evil Dead 2 was a sequel…he just shot a shorter version of the events of the first Evil Dead with a couple instead of a group of friends with the couple like in the original….just to refresh viewer’s memories or retell it for newcomers to the franchise…then he continued the story right from where the Evil Force monster goes right up to Ash’s face.

      It’s that simple. You can call the first part of ED 2 a remake…but the entire movie was designed as a sequel.

      • Scorpionsy

        Of course, Sam was ignoring the fact that Ash destroyed the Book of the Dead in the original when he was breifly retelling the events from the original in the first part of Evil Dead 2 …for continuity and story-wise sake. 😉

    • daruckus

      What Scorpionsey said. The same thing also happens at the end of Evil Dead 2/Beginning of Army of Darkness.

      Raimi knew a lot of people watching these films had not seen the previous installments so he did them a favor.

  • DeathValzer

    Mind boggling! I won’t fall for it until i see proof. All this talk of Evil remakes, sequels, crossovers and such is making me that much more pumped for the future.

  • dr.lamb

    Tomorrow, when the “Evil Dead Month” is over, I don’t wanna hear the words “Evil Dead” and see none of the “Evil Dead”- imagery for some time.

  • danifilth1985

    Can someone say April Fools?

    • danifilth1985

      A very elaborate, early April Fools.

  • Justen

    Okay, this is getting a little out of hand…this is why horror movies end up sucking…because producers get money hungry…

  • XMarkX

    While I still have my mixed feelings about the remake and am not completely sure what to think yet (I guess I’ll be finding out in a few days), I can’t help but be pretty siked on this news. Once again, I’m sure I’ll have a better opinion on the matter after seeing Evil Dead on Friday, but either way, 13-year-old me would’ve shit a brick hearing this news, haha.

  • SilentSnake

    April Fools much?

  • Chaosound

    Saw Bruce Cambell speak at Mad Monster Party March 23 and he stated that this new film is not a remake or a sequel, that it resides in its own universe. There’s a couple small nods to the original in the film but really it isn’t that good.

  • daruckus

    April Fools?

    I just don’t think this will happen and will not hold my breath.

  • Incinerated

    So, when do the money grabbers cash-in so we can get a complete blu-ray release of Army of Darkness in the US? I see it’s happening in Germany soon.

  • Introverted Surd

    Why is this news now? there is still three films before this I really don’t see the point of revealing that now.
    I guess everyone is so hyped on the new one because its supposed to be awesome that everything evil dead is relevant.
    Also how can it be the 4th film in both series when it states that army of darkness 2 will come first? wouldn’t that make it the fifth?

    • joeshmo447

      I was wondering the same thing, unless army of darknes.s 2 is the crossover fourth film for each franchise

  • Jasonicus

    It’ll never work. Tonally they are just too far apart. Makes no sense.

  • DeadInHell

    Being posted on March 30th, I sort of assumed this was an early joke post. But…I guess not.

    I’m no great fan of Alvarez’s reboot, but I will admit that it’s much more interesting as a sequel than a remake. And I also hope that Evil Dead 2 manages to bring something…more to the table. Both in terms of the film itself and the ways in which it actually ties into the larger universe of the series.

    As for Army of Darkness 2, I don’t even know what to think. Like Bruce said, this is what Sam Raimi does. So I’ll believe it when I see it. It would be a very strange thing at this point in the franchise’s history, but also a very potentious thing, as long as they don’t pawn the film off on some guy whose film career consists of filming birthday parties that people throw for their dogs.

  • RobbieZombert

    I thought it was just going to be a rumor, and I’m still skeptical to believe so when I heard about this announcement. I’m still trying to wrap my mind around how they are going to pull this off. I’m beginning to think they’ll treat the original film “The Evil Dead” as a stand alone film because the 2nd one changes the story to the beginning, the reason why ash is out there, etc. I saw the new film and thought it was good but I’m at a loss where they plan to go with it once I heard about this.

  • janetgrey

    I don’t care. Keep making them great. If you f up though, I will be depressed for life.

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