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DC Comics Demands That Boom! Change The Name Of Clive Barker’s ‘New Genesis’ Series

We recently announced the coming of Boom! Studios new comic series from Clive Barker, intended to be called New Genesis (article here). Apparently this knotted the panties of the folks at DC because New Genesis is the name of the planet of the New Gods in the DCU. However, it’s important to note that the term “New Genesis” has apparently not been trademarked, says Bleeding Cool.

What will the series name be now? Your guess is as good as ours.

Although DC does not legally have the rights, chances are they could procure them given enough time. If they went ahead with a lawsuit, it would cause a delay in the release of the series, which is likely what Boom! wants to avoid at all costs given how much hype the series has already gained.

DC Comics is returning the favor, as Boom! forced DC to change the name of their planned “Hellraiser” comic to “Hellblazer” all those years ago.



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