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[News Bites] ‘Muse’ And ‘Supermax’ Make Their Names Known



Two very different projects got announced this evening. The first of which is Muse, the comeback film of sorts for Nick Palumbo (he of Murder-Set-Pieces infamy). The film will likely have to be cut to receive an “R”, but starts shooting on April 15th. Palumbo wrote and will direct the film. He’ll also produce alongside David Palumbo and James Cullen Bressack for their Fright Flix banner. The film stars Samantha Mion and Patrick Scott Lewis

Per Deadline, “ Psychological horror Muse introduces newcomer Samantha Mion as an actress descending into homicidal madness in Los Angeles. Patrick Scott Lewis (Zodiac) co-stars as a fellow actor.

On the sunnier, more studio, side of life – Supermax is now a thing. Marc Haimes, who used to be a Dreamworks exec but who has since penned Jitters and is writing the Trollhunter remake, sold the pitch to Paramount via Pacific Rim producer Mary Parent‘s Disruption Entertainment.

Per THR, “The lid is shut tight on Supermax’s plot, but it is described as a high-concept, found-footage project. While the project may be secret, Haimes’ credits reveal it’s likely to be deep in genre territory.

My guess about Supermax? Set in a prison. Security cams provide the found footage source. Could be wrong though!


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