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[Random Cool] Huey Lewis Takes An Axe To ‘American Psycho’

In competition for the “meta of the day” award is this brilliant send-up of American Psycho featuring Huey Lewis and Weird Al Yankovic. Not only does it accurately describe that film’s subtext (or text, as there’s very little “sub” about it) and cultural ascent, it manages to do so using the object – Huey Lewis – of the conversation in the film that it recreates. It’s like an infinite loop.

The addition of Al is a nice touch, since there’s at least a plausible reason why Lewis would have a beef with him – much the same as Patrick Bateman has a beef with Jared Leto’s Paul Allen in the original film.

Head inside to check it out!



  • flesheater24

    Now that is what I call fuckin funny as fuck. And did anybody see that Hot mess commerical ?? before this. That was classic.

  • Kenzo

    Wow, they parodied one of my favorite horror movies and it wasn’t that bad. Wasn’t expecting this treat of horror.

  • DeadManZombieFan

    wow I had to wait through an add that was over 60 seconds long. ain’t that some shit. lol glad it was worth it tho. get up in that ass huey!

  • dirtyghettok

    Huey is classic. Love his moom walk back with the axe to pushing play for the epic American Psycho where he practically mimicked Bales character from there. He perfectly mimicked Bales moves in everyway (almost) with great acting to his beatdownon on Al… Loooved it…

  • dirtyghettok

    Another day of watching this epic skit and another day of checking the mail to see if amazon finally shipped American Psycho to me yet. I mean, come one.. How can you not love a movie where a guy holds a gun to a cats head and tries feeding it to an ATM machine.. Epically hilarious.

  • evilfairydust


  • Introverted Surd

    That was amazing, turly amazing. I loved every second of it. Although when you think about it is kind of sad that a three minute online video is a million times better than what passes as comedy coming to theatres these days like scary movie V.

    • Introverted Surd


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