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Retro Indie Horror ‘Catequesis’ Gets A Teaser Trailer

Old school survival horror game Catequesis is this much closer to bringing pixelated horror goodness to PC, and I really can’t wait. If you’re unfamiliar, it’s a story-driven indie horror game that’s heavily inspired by 90’s RPGs. If that tickles you like it does me, you should definitely check out the new trailer I have waiting for you after the jump.

Catequesis is coming to Android, PC, Mac and Linux later this year.

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  • Laugh Riot

    Reminds me of another game but I can’t think the name of it. Survival horror pc game. You arrive in a town that nearly everyone has been killed by wolves and rats. Chatting to a few survivors sends you into a mansion full of all kinds of monsters. You slowly discover a family used to live there but they ended up being killed but the father who had went insane after something took him over. The ending left with you killing him but what took him over now had you.
    Anyone know the name of that game I think it was a freebie game for pc.

  • adorablelala

    omg i want it now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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