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[Exclusive] Read Scott Snyder’s ‘Severed’ #1 For FREE!!

Last year Scott Snyder teamed up with co-writer Scott Tuft and artist Attila Futaki to deliver one of the most haunting horror comics of the past decade. Served is a powerful horror story that we’ve grown to love here at BD.

“Severed” has already achieved classic horror status and for good reason. It throws back to 1916 to explore the journey of a young boy who runs away from home only to encounter a twisted villain, based on real life serial killer, Albert Fish. Scott Snyder was kind enough to offer up issue #1 for your reading pleasure, check it out below.

The collected softcover edition of “Severed” is available now in comic shops and book stores everywhere.



  • killrobot

    really cool

  • Lonmonster

    Love this series, I highly recommend it to everyone.

  • Evan3

    Good deal. I am interested in something I never would have read otherwise. Thanks to Snyder and Image for the issue.

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