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[TV] New “Dexter” Promo Has Me Wondering “Why Bother?”

The 8th Season of “Dexter” will premiere on Sunday, June 30th. Today Showtime issued a new promo entitled “The Full Picture” – and I made it about 5 seconds in. I love Michael C. Hall (and I used to even like this show), but I just can’t do it anymore. The endless pontificating, I just want Dexter to shut up. Let me know when the last 3 episodes are on so I can watch him and Deb go down in flames. At least that would be something different.

Head inside to see the teaser for what I’m hoping is the last season of “Dexter”. It plays at least twice, making it slightly less repetitive than Dex’s circular thought process.



  • Horror_God

    What I loved about last season, is that they are finally pointing out the fact that Dexter is not a good guy, nor a hero. He is a KILLER. He kills people. I have a feeling Deb will have to put him down like Cujo by the series finale.

    • Spike0037

      You get it, I get it most people need it spelled out for therm. and @EvanDickson have you been reading the books.

  • Nothing333

    The show has become very formulatic, you’ve hit the nail on the head with the constant annoying pontificating. Still last season was way more enjoyable than the previous two. The show has become a self parody for sure.

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