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[Modern Art] If Dr. Seuss Created ‘Evil Dead,’ ‘Silent Hill’ And ‘BioShock,’ They’d Look Something Like This

Who doesn’t love Dr. Seuss? Nazis, that’s who. His vibrant and imaginative art and stories pretty much defined my childhood. That and Friday the 13th marathons. Yeah, I was a strange kid. Speaking of strange, I can’t believe how natural these covers look. Even Pyramid Head looks less rapey.

The Internet can be a spectacular source for delightfully strange art, and these covers — designed by Australian artist DrFaustusAU — are a prime example of this. Check them out after the break.

For more of DrFaustusAU’s work, check out his gallery.



  • Skratchy

    I am 29 years old and I would read all of these.

    • Adam Dodd

      You and me both!

  • killrobot

    I want these to be real so I can read them to my 1 year old daughter

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