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[BD Contest] And Our “Deadite Of The Day” Grand Prize Winner Is….

The grand winner of our Deadite Of The Day contest is Trent Shy who submitted one hell of a claymation trailer for the new Evil Dead. Picking a winner wasn’t easy, we had 10 GREAT entries!!! But I feel that Trent’s efforts (combined with the fact that he qualifies for the grand prize because he lives in the US – many didn’t) seal the deal. In case you missed them – here are the prior winners! Deadite #1 Deadite #2 Deadite #3 Deadite #4 Deadite #5 Deadite #7 Deadite #8 Deadite #9 and Deadite #10

Trent will receive POSTER SIGNED BY THE CAST AND CREW of Fede Alvarez’s upcoming (awesome) Evil Dead remake.

Head inside to check out his video!



  • djblack1313

    i liked all the winners. i couldn’t have chosen just one! but Trent’s entry is very deserving of the win. CRONGRATS TRENT!!!

  • Joe-Banger

    Good job dude! Awesome art work!

  • Evan3

    Indeed – this is the ultimate Evil Dead fan. The time this must have taken boggles the mind! Well done Trent!

  • Marrow

    Congratulations, Trent!
    Loved watching your film again.

  • Infect

    That was awesome! Nice work.

  • Trent Shy

    Thank you! I am a horror fanatic and a huge fan of Bloody Disgusting just like you guys! So your comments mean a lot! This was a big honor. Thanks again.

  • Scorpionsy

    All the winners were great. But congrats to Trent, you really deserve it because of the time and effort into making the cool claymation video. 🙂

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