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An Open Road Paved For ‘A Haunted House 2’

A Haunted House

Marlon Wayans’ A Haunted House, which spoofed Paranormal Activity and The Devil Inside, made $40 Million at the US Box Office and hits home video on April 23rd. I would assume the production budget on these films is fairly low, since Variety is reporting that Open Road Films has acquired U.S. distribution rights to A Haunted House 2.

Of course Wayans will be starring again, and he’s co-writing the script as well. No word on which (if any) of the original’s cast will be returning.

The film will be financed and produced by IM Global’s genre label Octane. A Haunted House 2 will shoot this summer and be released in the winter, one would think in the January slot occupied by the first installment.



  • violentdope

    this movie was really bad….please dont…

  • Aaron Emery

    I haven’t seen the first one but Christ, do we really need more money being dumped into these half-assed projects?

    • Zombie-Killa

      I TOLD we were all doomed Aaron! Paranormal Activity sequels, Scary Movie 5 hits theaters in Friday, AND now we have A Haunted House 2! lol.

      • Zombie-Killa

        Wow sorry for the butchered grammar and spelling there, Aaron! Hope you can make out wat I said! God, typing this on your phone sucks!

    • Krug09

      How do you know if its half assed if you didnt see it???

  • VersaVulture

    This sucks. I didn’t actually watch this movie because it looked bad, but I was going to watch Scary Movie 5 this weekend to make fun of it being so bad… Now I don’t want to because then they’ll end up making a 6th movie partially because of the price of my ticket. Remember when spoof movies used to be funny?

  • HorrorManiac666

    I’ve seen the movie and I thought it was good, but why make a sequel.

  • Frogger08

    I weep for the good horror movies that have been aborted so that this abomination could be birthed into the world.

  • Krug09

    Part 1 was actually very funny. i saw it in theaters and laughed a lot.

  • Infect

    “I can’t wait to see this,” said no one ever.

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