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[Random Cool] Decide For Yourself If The Alien In This ‘Sirius’ Trailer Is Real Or Not!

The picture above is claimed, by the upcoming documentary Sirius, to be the minuscule (6 inches) corpse of an actual alien found a few years back in Chile’s Atacama Desert.

Steven Greer, one of the makers of the film, created the Disclosure Project in 1993 and claims, “What people need to understand is the secrecy around UFOs and extraterrestrial intelligence really has nothing to do with ETs. It has to do with humans and the power that is resting in large corporations and financial interests that do not want you to know the truth.

While I acknowledge the mathematical fact that other lifeforms exist in our universe, I personally remain unconvinced that we’ve been visited by them. Still, the from the trailer it seems the doc has a POV on our corporate/military/industrial complex that I feel is accurate at the very least in an attitudinal sense. For what it’s worth, the doc will also examines “readily available” alternative energy sources that aliens might have been able to harness in order to make these interstellar trips that would be impossible with our current technology.

Sirius includes graphic footage of the supposedly humanoid entity of “unknown classification” by DNA sequencing. It premieres in Hollywood this Friday (sold out already) and will rollout on VOD after that.

Head inside for the trailer and some footage of this alleged alien corpse (hey, it could be real for all I know).



  • huntermc

    Reminds me of the old “Alien Autopsy” video from the 90’s. Ooh, is it real?

  • Michael_M

    “The existence of UFOs has been known for millenia.”

    They lost me at the beginning with this ridiculous statement. The existence of unidentified flying objects has been known? Of course, if we see something and we don’t know what it is, then it’s unidentified. That doesn’t make it an alien spacecraft. No legitimate documentary would conflate alien visitation with something that is merely unidentified.

    • lilmarkuk

      What are you going on about :/ you say and quote yourself that at the start they say: “The existence of UFOs has been known for millenia.”

      and then you say: They lost me at the beginning with this ridiculous statement. The existence of unidentified flying objects has been known? Of course, if we see something and we don’t know what it is, then it’s unidentified. That doesn’t make it an alien spacecraft

      At the start they never said anything about alien craft/ships have been known for millennia do they?? no they just say UFO`S

      • Michael_M

        I didn’t quote myself, I quoted the trailer. I assumed it wasn’t necessary to be that explicit since the trailer is the focus of the post.

        Despite what the filmmakers claim, UFOs don’t exist. It’s a label applied to observable phenomena which doesn’t have an obvious explanation.

        What is typical of these alien films is that they are trying to establish a link. They treat wildly diverse experiences as one homogenous group and attempt to use this as proof of alien visitations.

        Did you even watch the trailer? The next statement they make is that UFOs have been “hidden for a century.” What are they referring to as being hidden? They’re clearly implying that there is conspiracy to conceal evidence of alien crafts/ships/beings on earth. You can’t hide a UFO because there is no such thing.

        • Ravinus

          Don’t be so obtuse.

          • Michael_M

            I’m using the English language. If you can’t understand me, that’s not my problem.

  • STRIK9

    Looks fake, but who knows? Anybody that disbelieves that aliens visit the earth is an idiot. There are hundreds of military and government employees, not to mention astronauts that have admitted seeing or knowing about those things being in possession of our government for decades. Not to mention all of the evidence left in all cultures since the beginning of time.

  • Golic

    LOL!!!! just read the credits “BASED ON THE BOOK: HIDDEN TRUTH FORBIDDEN KNOWLEDGE” obviously it’s fake!


    here’s an equation to live by: If we don’t yet possess the technology to move from planet to planet, we don’t really want to meet the species that does.
    Ask any American Indian historian how that equation worked out.

    • Ravinus

      Right on.

  • PatrickxJonathan

    considering that steven greer has the undisputed reputation of being a scam artist and a liar I’d say it’s fake.

  • dirtyghettok

    At one point in life we thought the earth was flat. Another time we thought for sure we’re the center of the universe. Anythings possible, but believe what you want to believe and enjoy life. Even if they say you’re crazy. Cause if we all thought alike life would be pretty boring..

  • Seal_Clubber

    This is Scooby Doo level Fake ….

  • chambertlo

    You know, even if this were real, what purpose would it serve other than to illicit fear of the unknown from the less educated ie. most of the world? People as a whole are notoriously prejudiced and fearful of anything they do not understand, and it is probably why we have yet to make any conclusive contact with any life outside of this planet.
    As an Alien, if you knew that a race of beings were as simple minded, destructive and hateful as the human race is as a whole, would you want to visit this planet?

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