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[TV] Yvonne Strahovski Returning To “Dexter” For Season 8

The 8th Season of “Dexter” will premiere on Sunday, June 30th, and while I await word – final confirmation -double final confirmation that this upcoming season will be its’ last, we do have some news that’s sure to please fans of Yvonne Strahovski. That’s right, she’s reprising her role as serial killer Hannah in the show.

Per EW, “The actress is set to reprise her role in a multi-episode arc this summer as Hannah McKay, the gorgeous killer florist. Last season, the Hannah became Dexter’s twisted love interest and a major thorn in his side. When we last saw her in the seventh season finale, Hannah had escaped from prison, and Dex was seemingly lucky to get away from her.

I think Strahovski is great, but she’s not enough to bring me back.



  • VampireJack


  • Goliath-Slasher

    She is so beautiful and I felt sympathetic and loving of her character Hannah. Her and Dexter seem perfect for eachother. I hope the best for her character but I feel that Dexters conflictions with Deb, losing control, etc. will lead to him having to kill her (or maybe her him?)… I am nervous and excited and really hope this is not the last season…last season revived the show to glory after dismal seasons 5 and 6.

  • John Marrone

    She is so friggin hot its stupid. I dont know how you can not watch the final one or two seasons, especially after the saga has run its course this far. Its been far from perfect, but its not that bad. Hopefully the writers go nuts and write some really off the wall stories leading to his demise, instead of a cookie cutter BS walk into the sunset thing.

  • Vampire_Mistress

    I love Dexter! The only season I wasn’t happy with was Season 5 but I thought all other seasons ROCKED! I do hope this is the last season though because they have already started the end….please do not have Dex get away with everything just to keep it going..too much has now happened.

    I still think a perfect ending would either be..1)Deb killing Dex because Dex just finally snaps and doesn’t care who he kills or 2)have Deb go to turn him in but he doesn’t go along with that plan, so he brings Deb to his table, brings the knife down and end….

    • wildgator25

      Vampire, Dexter would NEVER kill Deb… no way, no how.

      I could see Dexter having the “kill room” set up at their old home however. Dexter explains to Deborah that this must be done to set things right, to give everyone peace. After much pleading from Dexter and much crying from Deborah, she plunges the knife into Dexter’s chest. Fade to black…. 10 years later, we see Harrison with his friends staring at the carcass of a mutilated dead animal. As the friends run away, the camera pans to Harrison’s face and slowly zooms into his eye where we can catch the reflection of his Dark Passenger (Dexter). BLINK! The end of an awesome series.

      • Vampire_Mistress

        Oh I don’t know, Dex has been losing it more and more. I dont think its too far off that Dex could kill Deb to save himself. those are just two endings that I like…my opinion but I do think Dex would kill Deb if he really had too.

        but with that said….I really like your ending too!

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