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[Modern Art] Give Your Home Some Freaky Flavor With These Incredible Horror Statues

Michael Locascio is the man behind those incredible Resident Evil statues, but that’s not all he can do, oh no sir. This guy has not one, but two Deviant Art galleries that are brimming all things macabre.

If you’re a gamer, geek, film buff, or some combination of the three, there’s an array of statues and busts from video games, comics and films to choose from. Not satisfied? HE KNEW YOU WOULDN’T BE. That’s why he came up with a slew of random freaky shit like spine candle holders! I’m sounding more and more like a salesperson, so let’s skip to the part where you click that Read More link and check out some of his work. Also, Michael, if you want to send me stuff, I’m okay with that.

For more of Locascio’s work, check out his gallery or you can purchase some of his work here.

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