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[TV] Here’s the First Footage From “Dexter’s” Eighth Season!

While I see heavy negativity surrounding Showtime’s “Dexter,” I still have a lot of fun with the show. While it’s way past the point of quality television, there’s stil an end game at hand, and I’m curious to see how the cabler tackles the new relationship with Dexter and Debra.

With the June 30 premiere of the eighth season locked and loaded, EW scored the first TV Spot jam-packed with action shots from the series, as well as Showtime’s new drama series “Ray Donovan,” which stars Liev Schreiber as a Hollywood fixer. Says the site, there’s only a few brief nuggets, but they’re good ones — we get glimpses of how Dexter and Debra are responding to season 7’s shocking ending (when Deb pulled the trigger on Capt. María LaGüerta). As you might expect, Deb isn’t doing too well — “I shot the wrong person,” she says — while Dex is utterly remorseless.

“Dexter” returns June 30 to Showtime (including Yvonne Strahovski reprising her role on the show) followed by the premiere of “Ray Donovan.”



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