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[Indie Horror Spotlight] ‘One Late Night’s’ Ghost Lady Stole My Red Balloon

If you’ve ever had to work late at the office, alone, with coffee that refuses to exit the mug, then you’re almost definitely going to love One Late Night.

Seriously, this might be the best thing you’ve ever watched, because it literally has all of that. What else does it have? How about keys in toilets, battery scavenge hunts, and spinning computer chairs! Watch me showcase my ineptitude for computers in this moderately freaky indie horror game, after the jump.

One Late Night is a short horror game that follows a graphic designer who stays late at the office with an evil ghost lady. I lasted about twenty minutes, if you include the time I spent fumbling around with the controls. If you don’t count that, then I lasted roughly three minutes. You should definitely play this and see how long you last, because I’m positive it’ll be longer than my little adventure.

If you’d like to play One Late Night, you can download it here.

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