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[Tribeca ’13] Poster For ‘Frankenstein’s Army’ Not For Panzers

Dark Sky is set to U.S. Premiere Richard Raaphorst’s Frankenstein’s Army tonight at the Tribeca Film Festival, and we’ve got a first look at the poster for the film starring Karel Roden, Joshua Sasse, Robert Gwilym, Alexander Mercury, Luke Newberry and Hon Ping Tang.

This look at the poster is a little rough, we’ll be sure to update when we’ve got a high-rez version.

In the waning days of World War II, a battalion of Russian soldiers find themselves lost in enemy territory.

Stumbling upon a village decimated by an unseen terror, they discover that a mad scientist (Hellboy’s Karel Roden) conducts experiments to fuse flesh and steel, creating an unstoppable army of undead soldiers. Leaderless and faced with dissention amongst their dwindling ranks, they must find the courage to face down an altogether new menace – or die trying.

Public Screening Schedule:
1st Screening – Thursday, April 18, 9:30 PM (Clearview Cinemas Chelsea 8 )
2nd Screening – Friday, April 19, 11:59 PM (Clearview Cinemas Chelsea 7)
3rd Screening – Saturday, April 20, 10:00 PM (AMC Village VII 2)




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