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[TV] That “Zombieland” Pilot Is Finally Live!

After sort of a bungled launch, and then a one-day delay, Amazon Studios’ “Zombieland” pilot is now out and available to view for free! Right HERE! This is the US link, other countries may need to go to their own Amazon site.

There’s a feedback button to vote for the show’s future (as previously reported) – I say go ahead and do it. You know how much better shows get after the pilot. I’ll be checking this show out later today and hoping for the best.

The show is based on the hit Columbia Pictures movie of the same name, and finds four survivors outwitting zombies and searching for a place to call home. The Zombieland pilot comes from the feature film’s original creative team, writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick (G.I. Joe: Retaliation, The Joe Schmo Show), and producer Gavin Polone (Gilmore Girls, Curb Your Enthusiasm). Eli Craig (Tucker and Dale vs. Evil) is directing the pilot.

The part of Tallahassee is played by Kirk Ward (The Island), Maiara Walsh (Desperate Housewives, Switched at Birth,) is Wichita, Tyler Ross (Milkshake) is Columbus, and Izabela Vidovic has the role of Little Rock.



  • djblack1313

    this was pretty bad. i’m out.

  • takicat

    Not good. Plays like bad fan fiction.

  • Zombie-Killa


    One major problem is the pilot was trying SO hard to be exactly like the movie. The zombie rules, the same cast of characters, and they even brought back the “zombie kill of the week.” The humor did nothing for me, and the entire cast is pretty bad (especially the guy, who plays Tallahassee).

    Also, what’s the point here? Educate me or fill me in if I’m missing something, but I honestly didn’t see a purpose storyline wise in this pilot. IF they give more on the story side if things, I might give more episodes a chance. But this was not a good way to kick off the Zombieland TV series, because I couldn’t find an upside, or any signs of potential in this pilot.

    Thumbs down.

    • HorrorManiac666

      I think the plot is that the group goes around the country looking for other survivors. I feel like they should of made new characters instead of using the movie ones. Other then that I somewhat enjoyed it.

      • Zombie-Killa

        “I think the plot is that the group goes around the country looking for other survivors.”

        Good point, and I didn’t think about/notice that, because truth be told, I was SERIOUSLY considering turning it off after about fifteen minutes. So yeah, I had already given up by that point.

        And I agree about new characters. Trying to re-create the cast from the movie? Eh, no. It was just an epic fail for me, and Kirk Ward was trying way TOO hard as Tallahassee.

  • twoheaded

    ‘Terminator: the Sarah Conner Chronicles’. ‘Robocop’. ‘the Crow’. ‘Freddy’s Nightmares’. ‘Dead Zone’. I could keep going, but the real point of the matter is… successful movies are prone to spawn every potential money making tool imaginable, even at the cost of the quality the original material once held. ‘Zombieland’ is no exception, but, really, did anyone expect any differently? Ok, so we don’t have the original cast and crew, and more or less they seemed to incorporate elements of the movie just to remind you that this is associated with the movie of the same name; these things are a given when it comes to poorly thought out tie ins. Predicting such a move from the powers that be, I watched it expecting total fecal material, and was pleasantly surprised. If you can accept the fact that, no, this is not the movie, it’s actually quite enjoyable. Hoping to see more of this, but it’s not really going to break my heart if it begins and ends with the pilot.

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