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Review: ‘Miniature Jesus’ #1

Created, written, illustrated, and lettered by the brilliant Ted McKeever, Miniature Jesus #1 offers obscure perceptions of reality infused with a very special mix of raw sincerity and dark humor. The series follows a recovering alcoholic named Chomsky whose world is in a state of constant change due to the figurative and literal demons in his life. The first issue of ‘Miniature Jesus’ is a disorienting journey through the life of deeply troubled man.

WRITTEN BY: Ted McKeever
ART BY: Ted McKeever
PUBLISHER: Shadowline/Image Comics
PRICE: $3.99
RELEASE: April 17th, 2013

Closed off emotionally and outwardly in appearance due to the telling rendering of his hooded attire, Chomsky tries to venture through the difficulties of sobriety; all the while dealing with the demons that torment his distressed mind; one of which, is an atagonistic mummified cat, the other, the archetypal devil on his shoulder.

McKeever handles the Good Angel, Bad Angel trope in a way that is surprisingly refreshing and not in the least bit contrived, considering how commonly used the literary device is. What’s more interesting is the fact that the ‘good’ counterpart is nowhere to be found as of yet. But speaking in terms of an impeding force to counter evil, this is where the ‘Miniature Jesus’ comes into play. The miniature Jesus is, what the title suggests, a smaller-than-a-men-sized-shoe Jesus that is resurrected from the cross it’s nailed to in a run-down church.

All in all, the first issue is a beautifully illustrated, and poetically written start to what’s gearing up to be a compelling and noteworthy series. The amount of exceptional work Ted McKeever put into this book is a testament to his abilities as a storyteller and artist. And while readers shouldn’t be so shocked to know he singlehandedly created, wrote, illustrated, and even lettered the issue, it bears repeating and merits commendable acknowledgment.

4/5 Skulls

Review by – ShadowJayd



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