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[TV] Could “Dexter” Spinoff Into “Deb”?!

Season 8 of Showtime’s “Dexter” will now most certainly be its last. But could characters from the show be spun-off into their own program? Showtime President David Nevins recently spoke to THR about the end of the show and he wouldn’t rule out the possibility of a spin-off.

Now, before you cry “SPOILER” please know that this is only a rumor. No one has confirmed that anyone will live or die past the end of this season. The only reason Jennifer Carpenter’s Deb would be rumored for such a show is because… well, you’re not gonna make a show about about Quinn or Batista are you?

THR asked about a Deb-related spinoff, to which Nevins replied, “This is a core franchise to us and all options are on the table as to where it could go after this. There’s nothing actively happening but you never know what the future holds. We need to get through this season and see how the dust settles and then see where we go from there. I won’t rule it out but I’m not actively planning anything.

“Dexter” returns June 30 to Showtime. Head inside for more info on Season 8.

Nevins addresses the tone of the upcoming season, “The consequences are already starting to hit him. It’s jeopardized his most important relationship on Earth, which is with his sister; his other relationships on the show will be touched this year and he’s still changing. Change is really important in a long-running series, change to the characters and change to the format of the show. The show is constantly. We saw a big change last year in that it wasn’t so driven by one big antagonist. I don’t like when shows get formulaic and Dexter changed its formula last year and will change again this year — there’s a lot of different things in play. Part of what you need to do in a finale is start bringing some of the different threads together: his sister, his son, his love life, his professional life and his childhood trauma.



  • Bryno

    That, I would not watch. She is basically the reason I never enjoyed the show more. I found her portrayal of the character to be very weak, I couldn’t suspend my disbelief. When she swears it seems totally unnatural. I only watched 5 seasons and also thought they went way overboard with the amount of love interests she gets tangled with. I’m probably the minority here though.

    • Trinity

      Is that really your opinion?
      Well Dexter is nothing without Debra.
      An she is awesome and natural.But that is my opinion.

      • Bryno

        Yeah, personally I can’t stand her. I found her to be the weakest link in the show. But it’s been wildly successful, most people must not be bothered by her.

        • Trinity

          Oh yeah you rock !

    • Ryan Daley

      I’m with Bryno. She frequently ruined the show for me. She’s supposed to be a seasoned cop but she reacts to everything with the heightened emotion of an 8th-grader. It was like watching Ally McBeal.

  • djblack1313

    i would fucking love this!! Jennifer Carpenter/Deb is my favorite character on that show. i’d love this to happen.

  • DethHand

    I don’t know about this. Don’t get me wrong, I like Jennifer Carpenter but a spin off show sounds kinda silly. I just hope they end the series well and leave it at that. Next you’ll be telling me they’re thinking of doing a prequel series with his father, come on guys!

  • dr.lamb

    I do like her,, but that is a very bad idea.

  • Canucklehead

    Wait a minute….Debra is a character in Dexter?

    Spoiler revealing bastards!

  • weresmurf

    While I don’t mind this, it’s kinda best just to leave Dexters universe go with the end of Dexter. Dragging it out like this just reeks of JOEY, AFTER MASH, SCRUBS S9 etc. Just let the show go out with the tiny bit of dignity its got left…

  • SlothyPunk

    Give us a Masuka spin-off!

    • mobstar1967

      yea i would be down with that…

    • weresmurf

      There has been for years, it’s called Redtube.

  • ThunderDragoon

    I really hope they don’t do this. I love Debra, but I can’t see how that character will be exciting without Dexter there.

  • Joe-Banger

    I love her but I cant afford show time so I dont care. I watch Dexter on dvd. If it happenens so be it, if you dont like it dont watch it. Life does’nt get any simpler than that.

  • Joe-Banger

    I meant if it happens so be it. Its out of our hands.

  • joesey

    i would love to see a Deb spinoff as long as she hunts down killers like Dexter.Too bad they off LaGuerta b/c she’d be good in a spinoff too.

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