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UPDATE: ‘Texas Chainsaw 4’ NOT Moving Ahead With “Hannah Montana” Star

Update: Sounds like BBC Radio got some bad info. I just spoke with Christa Campbell (an executive producer on Texas Chainsaw 3D) who clarified that there can be no casting because there is “no script.” It actually sounds like this sequel is fairly far off since the rights are split 50/50 between Millenium and Mazzocone and there is not yet a consensus on how to proceed. No direction has been chosen for the sequel.

January’s Texas Chainsaw 3D (review) performed well enough to get a sequel, and there seemed to be some momentum behind Texas Chainsaw 4 (I’m sure the title will be explained at some point) when Millenium announced the sequel. The very next day the brakes were lightly applied to the claim that it would be shooting this summer in Louisiana when producer Carl Mazzocone and executive producer Mark Burg declared they needed a beat to figure out the logistics.

Have those logistics been resolved? Right now we’re putting this out there as strictly a rumor but a BD Reader exclusively writes in that an announcement was made on BBC Youth Radio in regard to Texas Chainsaw 4. Apparently Alexandra Daddario and Dan Yeager are reprising their roles and ex-Disney star Cody Linley (pictured below; “Hannah Montana”) and British newcomer Tommy Hatto will have major roles. Per our reader, “They said that because of the success of Texas 3D’s twist, the new movie will have a twist with a male protagonist.

We’ll update you when we know more.



  • Aaron Emery

    Even if there is a good explanation, the title will still be ridiculous.

  • joesey

    I guess we’re supposed to disregard the other sequels.

    • EvanDickson

      But then this would still be 3?

  • STRIK9

    NO surprise here. I’m sure this will be the same kinda glossy-Hollywood film that 3-d was. I cant believe how much tobe hooper hyped that film up. He should retire if that’s where his head is at with movies today.

  • ill_mindedd

    i dont mind the hannah montana star, just change the name of this film and bring me more LEATHERFACE!!!

  • Zombie-Killa

    I’ll watch regardless. I might whine and moan every now and then, but I still watch the movies, and pay for the 3D sometimes! lol.

  • itsnickkarcher

    Glad to hear the sequel is still in talks. I thought for sure because of how front loaded it was, the sequel was off. I loved the twist and the whole movie in general so I can’t wait for this possible sequel.
    As for the title, to not confuse the general public they should just called it Texas Chainsaw 2 then put a 3D logo/design somewhere if they wanted to do it in 3D.

  • ThunderDragoon

    I’m glad we’re getting more TCM movies, but there’s no need to rush it. I’ll be happy as long as we don’t have to wait a Jeepers Creepers 3 kind of time lol.

  • violentdope

    just please stop unless they put some heart into it like evil dead otherwise dont bother…this was the worst sequel of all the chainsaw films

  • Barry-MaCaukiner

    It is widely known among the “TCM” fanbase that “Leatherface: TCM III” and “TCM: The Next Generation” are NOT counted as serious entries in the franchise whatsoever. Not one story character, nor actor, from the first two “TCM” films is included in the plot line or cast.

    With that, the explanation of “TCM 3” and “TCM 4” are easy. Too easy. But apparently those around the water cooler can’t (or won’t) figure out what is most obvious. So here goes…..

    In the original “TCM 2”, the film included characters (and even actors) directly associated with the original “TCM”. The new “TCM 3” is a direct sequel to the original flim. (Though “TCM 2” is not referred to, it is still a relevant and worthy sequel and remains the official “Part 2” in the series — Tobe Hooper directed it, characters and actors played continued roles, and so on.) Add to that, the fact that – as mentioned above – “Leatherface: TCM III” and “TCM: TNG” have nothing to do with the first two films in any fashion, and you now have an official continuing series.

    Of course, we know that the Hewitt family remakes in 2003 and 2006 are their own enterprise. They are good films in their own right, but it is easy to separate them as their own franchise.

    Thus, here is the OFFICIAL sequential order of the original “TCM” franchise:

    TCM – 1974
    TCM 2 – 1986
    TCM 3 – 2013
    TCM 4 – TBD (rumored to be 2014)

    You’re welcome, Leatherface fans!!

  • Barry-MaCaukiner

    One more note…

    Given the sequential order above and direct lines from the original “TCM” through both “TCM 2” and the new “TCM 3”, there is absolutely nothing wrong (albeit unoriginal) with the next film being titled “TCM 4”. It makes perfect sense.

    “Leatherface: TCM III” and “TCM: The Next Generation” can still remain in your “TCM” collection, just as long as they are on the back of the shelf, of in the bottom of the box. Those two films are “TCM” equivalents to the James Bond-Sean Connery ridiculous and irrelevant “Never Say Never Again”, nothing more than an elderly 007 in a copycat “Thunderball”.

    Folks, start your chainsaws!

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