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Let’s Celebrate Halfway-to-Halloween With A Costume Giveaway!

There are only 182.5 days left until Halloween, so lets celebrate!

I love Halloween, always have, and every year I like to extend it to encompass all of October, rather than saving all the fun for the 31st. Now, I’ve found another way to celebrate my favorite holiday with something called Halfway-to-Halloween. It just so happens that this momentous occasion is on April 30. For true Halloween lovers like myself, this is most definitely worthy of a Bloody Disgusting giveaway. We’ve teamed up with our friends at to give away three fantastic prizes — details after the break!

The Gory Goods

Two lucky winners will walk away with their choice of either of the skeleton sweatshirts pictured below:

One grand prize winner will take their pick of either of the zombie costumes pictured below:

To enter, all you need to do is comment below telling us how you plan on celebrating Halfway-to-Halloween. A scary movie marathon, perhaps? Or maybe you’ll finally get around to finishing that horror game you’ve been aching to dive into? Share your plans in the comments for a chance to win one of these fantastic costumes, courtesy of

Winners will be chosen on Friday, April 26 and shipped their prizes at that time so you can get your costume in time for Halfway-to-Halloween!

Also, sorry to all our ghosts and ghouls from across the pond, this giveaway is for U.S. residents only.



  • LilyB612

    The same way I celebrate all the way Halloween; watching THE BROOD, in my underwear, with a drink and a +1 (preferably one who has never seen it)– watching said victim squirm as I groan along . . .”no, you find me disgusting.” Gets ’em every time.

  • BloodyMickJagger

    Long time reader, first time poster!
    For Halfway-to-Halloween I will be at a 48hr Film Festival awards ceremony where I entered my short film DEAD STEAM because the theme this year was ZOMBIES AND STEAMPUNKS.
    Followed by recording the 50th episode of my horror podcast THE MOUTHS OF MADNESS (available on iTunes) where we will be reviewing SAMURAI ZOMBIE.
    Dead Steam:

    • Adam Dodd

      Zombies and steampunk? I need to watch this. Also, Mouths of Madness may be the best name for a horror podcast EVER.

  • Nexus6

    Normally I’d have to partake in our annual Friday the 13th Marathon which includes a drinking game for every kill. First year was done with shots….needless to say Corey Feldman became very blurry by part 4. This year I’ve decided to finally open an old book my grandfather had given me years ago which was wrapped in barbed wire and “bound in human flesh”. His words. He always told me to never open it or read it. What does he know…he had a chainsaw for a hand….crazy old man!

  • Joe-Banger

    I’ll start by saying Im going to get a PS3 so I can play Splatter House and beat it again (I beat it at Mike Taylors house last August) all the way through and I mean the PS3 version with the original Spatter House and its sequels which are locked inside, and get ready for Halloween by shopping all year round finding & collecting weird & scary things, watching horror films every chance I get, talking about anything horror related all the time, going to scary places especially haunted places, (I live in (H)elmira New York and this place has a lot haunted horror history) hanging out in cemeteries from time to time reading books about ghost encounters and the super natural! The list goes on and on.

  • Chainsaw Graphics

    I’m going to celebrate it by sharing with my friends, how I just won a contest from Bloody Disgusting. Don’t make me a liar.

  • janetgrey

    I will be lighting my black candles and watching all my beloved Evil Dead films.

    My apartment is decorated with Halloween decorations all year long. So I never stop celebrating.

  • Raistlin

    What a fantastic idea. I was just telling my wife it was getting close to Halloween last night. Of course she chuckled and tried to correct me. But to me, any time after January is getting close. =D

    This is my favorite time of year as well. In fact I’d rather see someone else get the prize, just in the spirit of the season.

  • Mr.Rott

    I’m more than likely going to just take out the dollar store Halloween decorations and place them in my room and watch a few horror movies like the original “Night of the Demons” and probably then eat some junk food and if I win wearing one of these prizes 😉

  • BornVillian

    Other then being my favorite holiday, I’m the kind of person that keeps the Halloween spirit year round. Two years ago I decided to horde Halloween supplies to decorate my entire house. Its filled with skull cups and dinner utensils. Lots of props like huge spiders and horror movie memorabilia. Overall the house has dark red, purple and black coloring. It’s a very Gothic vampire feeling. Anyways, back to the contest. Every Friday the 13th a local theater in my town holds a “Scream-o-Rama” which is 12 straight hours of horror oriented movies lasting from 9pm to 9am. My friends and I like to hold these marathons once a month whenever it isn’t a F13th month. So in the next week or so we are going to be watching a marathon of; The Descent, Cannibal Holocaust, Zombi, Re-Animator,{REC}, My Bloody Valentine (The original movie from the 80’s uncut version that adds like 8 minutes if pure gore.) and finally to end on a comedic note either Evil Dead 2 or Dead Alive. We each choose one movie and dress as a character from the movie we chose. These are always a blast to have and this one should be no different.

  • daemontech

    What makes you think I ever stopped celebrating? I’ll do what I always do when I take a special day celebrate All Hallows eve; horror movie marathon, followed by completing at least one extreme horror themed game, and feasting on the blood of the innocent… The last bit is just between you, me and the Slender man.

  • ThunderDragoon

    I’m loving that skeleton sweatshirt. What will I be doing? I’ll probably have a Fewdio marathon on YouTube, followed by listening to the lovely readings of MrCreepyPasta, and finally, playing some Fatal Frame.

  • P_boogie

    I will be spending my half way to Halloween by watching my Nightmare on Elm Street Boxset, and re-creating the Infamous Tina Massacre scene out of clay.

  • bedbugz

    I’ll probably go on youtube and look up some scary short films or sit back and watch people play Deadspace or some other random horror game to hype me up for this hth and Halloween. I still don’t have a costume for Halloween unfortunately *sadface*

  • Meliorn

    I Love Halloween. I’m planning a party and we will watch Trick R Treat and play “mmmm…Brains” table top game. I’ll have a potion punch in a cauldron, pretzel wands, mummy dogs. I already keep the house decorated for Halloween all year round, so no need to change up the house. Also have a black cat, so its perfect!


    Now that the wife is away. I plan on plugging my computer into my 50 inch lcd tv and play Amnesia: The Dark Descent .In the dark. Alone in the house. With th volume turned up…CANNOT WAIT ….

  • looniz1723

    My wife and I are going to make our own Short horror film called “The Red Light Killer” We are already planning for it. She does the makeup and latex, I wrote the script and do the directing and lighting. We have others we have made, but this film will be dedicated to and

    • Adam Dodd

      That’s the coolest thing ever, I’m looking forward to seeing it!

  • Dr.Darkness

    Hmm… For HalfHalloween 2013, I will probably be furthering the education of my God-daughter. She has not yet seen “Suspiria” or Wise’s “The Haunting” (1963). I want to make sure that this dear girl has a proper and well rounded education, so if we can squeeze in Badham’s “Dracula” (Langella makes that one so, so awesome), then we will.

  • vtasrcrds82

    I spend my Half Halloween night like I do the week leading up to Halloween: movie marathon. I start with new classics like Trick R Treat and Cabin in the Woods, throw in Evil Dead 2 for good measure, maybe some others depending on when I start, and finishing with the original Halloween.

  • J-SiN

    Unfortunately the weather is getting nicer and grass is getting taller, so I’ll be doing tons of yard work. However, when I’m done I have a case of beer, a bag of Cheetos, and some midget porn with my name on it. I can’t wait!

  • Lord

    This Halfway-to-Halloween is new to me. At first I was thinking a film marathon, but that would take up a lot of time. Now the plan is to have a marathon of some The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror episodes. Those will never get old!

  • Smashdevour

    I plan on spending by playing some Resident Evil games and Silent Hill games.

  • damshill

    I will be on vacation in the bayous of New Orleans singing Where Did You Sleep Last Night then indulging in some fried shrimp and a Purple Haze beer at the Cafe Maspero right before I find myself on yet again another ghost tour before I decided which tours I would like to attend when I arrive there again on Devil’s Night 6 months later.

    • Adam Dodd

      I am INSANELY jealous of your Halfway-to-Halloween plans!

  • lface8

    Halfway-To-Halloween, huh? Interesting. Welp, when you’re a horror fan like myself, every day is Halloween. So I’ll likely be sketching some ideas for costumes and using up some of my halloween make-up stock to perfect my look. While I’m doing that, I’ll be listening to a playlist I compiled of my favorite horror movie scores (featuring, but not limited to: George A. Romero’s Day of the Dead, Phantasm, Halloween, etc. and so forth.) To top that all off, once I’m all cleaned up, I’ll relax by having a mini horror movie marathon. Think it’s about time I dusted off my copy of Rawhead Rex. Nothing says “Halloween” like a giant monster baptizing a priest with urine.

  • Laugh Riot

    I was thinking of having a few friends come with me to a little isolated spot in the woods. You know a cozy little cabin. The weather is pretty nice so no chance the bridge crossing the river before you get there will get washed away. I’ll have to look up all sorts of books that you shouldn’t read out loud, audio recording no one should ever hear and videos that will make you go insane. I’d think while gouging on random snacks we could watch the videos then take turns reading the worst sections of the books out loud. After that have a staring contest while listing to all the audio recordings HAHAHAHA.

    • Laugh Riot

      lol listening

      • Laugh Riot

        Not to mention we will have a lot of Asian women in bikinis slashing and stabbing zombie mannequins filled with fake blood outside the cabin. I think one would wear a cowboy hat, one could be in a school girl outfit and another in a cheerleader uniform wielding a chainsaw. The winner of the staring contest dresses as a zombie boss and “fights” with them. LMAO

        Best Half-Halloween Ever

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