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[TV] A Lot Of People Started “Hemlock Grove” Over The Weekend…

… But will they finish it? Netflix premiered Hemlock Grove,” from producer Eli Roth (who also directed the pilot) on Friday. And, according to the network, it went over like gangbusters.

Netflix issued the following statement, “On April 19, we launched all 13 episodes of Hemlock Grove, a horror thriller from Eli Roth, and we’re very pleased with its early performance. Hemlock Grove was viewed by more members globally in its first weekend than was House of Cards and has been a particular hit among young adults.

But word of mouth on the show has been extremely mixed and I’m curious how the second weekend numbers stack up. I supposed this is the dawn of a new age… when it’s not just episode to episode ratings (which it is, I’m wondering what the percentage of people who finished the show will be) but 2nd weekend drops.

Did you finish the series? If not, how far did you get? Be sure to write YOUR review here!




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