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Trailer For ‘The Ganzfeld Experiment’ Promises Evening Of Sexy Cocaine Fueled Bad Choices

We’ve got an exclusive look at the Cannes promo for Bleiberg Entertainment’s The Ganzfeld Experiment. If there was one group of kids who knew how to ghost hunt, it was this one. Bring the party to the ghosts I always say!

In the film, “In this sexy, paranormal thriller, four psychology students gather in a secluded house over a weekend to try the Ganzfeld Experiment, a test of their potential extrasensory perception (ESP) abilities. In doing so, they lose touch with what is and isn’t real as their senses betray them and they find themselves asking: what if you can’t forget that what you could not remember?

Rumer Willis (Sorority Row), Toby Hemingway (Black Swan), Taylor Cole (“The Violent Kind”), and Ryan Donowho (Cabin Fever: Patient Zero) star alongside veteran actors Holt McCallany (Fight Club) and Dominic Purcell (“Prison Break”). It was written and directed by Michael Oblowitz (“This World, Then the Fireworks”).

Head inside to check it out! NSFW!!!



  • DethHand

    Oh boy… The only thing I’ll say is that I may watch it just to see those chicks strip and get naughty lol(Hopefully that gothic chick gets in on the action lol) But honestly, it looks like one of those ” I’ve seen this movie before” type of flicks. Interesting cast however.

  • lucie-with-a-gun

    starring rumer willis.
    no srsly.
    starring rumer willis.

    • evenscarier

      Bruce must be so proud.

  • flesheater24

    Good netflix kill some time flick

  • Mr.Mirage

    Billy Zane? Where?? Was he one of the bald guys standing between those two girls?

    • Palkotaz

      I know right? The only reason I watched the trailer was for the ZANE! Looks like a “meh” kinda movie though.

  • Palkotaz

    When the Goth Girl come out and the editing made a huge fuss over her, did anyone else think “LAME!”

  • coldblood

    I like it!!!

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