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‘Hoax Hunters’ Begins The Long Road To The Screen

I haven’t read this book so I feel a little out of my wheelhouse in regard to how excite I should be, but Producer Jeff Krelitz and of Quality Transmedia has optioned the screen rights to Image Comics’ Hoax Hunters, per The Hollywood Reporter.

The book centers around “a group of paranormal investigators who debunk mysteries for a TV show called Hoax Hunters. But in reality, the hunters are working hard to cover up and keep the world’s dark forces secret.” It was created by Michael Moreci and Steve Seeley.

It seems like the idea at this point is to find a screenwriter to whip up a script before heading out to a studio to set up the project. Hoax Hunters is intended to be a feature film. Meanwhile, our Comics section has quite a bit of “Hoax Hunters” coverage here!

Lonmonster chiming in here. I’ve been following the “Hoax Hunters” comic series from day one, and this is absolutely a project you should be stoked for. It’s a wild series that explores bizarre cryptids and conspiracy theories all while pointing out the ridiculous nature of reality television. If done properly, this has potential to be a solid tongue in cheek horror flick. You can read the first issue for free over at ComiXology.



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