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[TV] Gilliard Playing Bob Stookey On “Walking Dead”, Not Roy Stark

Last week iDigitalTimes reported that Lawrence Gilliard Jr. (pictured above; “The Wire”, The Waterboy) was in talks to play the role of “Roy Stark” in AMC’s Season 4 of “The Walking Dead”.

Per THR, it turns out he’s actually playing “Bob Stookey”, “a former Army medic who is deeply haunted by his past — both before and after the apocalypse. He’s a loner, though he maintains a charming yet self-deprecating façade.” Apparently Stookey played a decent-sized role in the comics so fans of the book should be pleased.

We already knew that for October’s return David Morrissey will return as a series regular as The Governor. The British actor initially signed on for a one-season role to play the famed villain from the comics created by Robert Kirkman on which the TV series is based. In the Image/Skybound comics, the Governor fails to survive a brutal showdown at the prison with Rick.

Gilliard will join newly minted regulars (and former recurrings) Chad L. Coleman and Sonequa Martin-Green on the show.



  • BornVillian

    I’m still hoping that this ends up being an original character for the show and not Abraham Ford. There is no Bob Stookey in the comic, but the description fits the character of Abraham Ford (more or less) pretty well.

    I try to keep my views of the comic and TV separate because they are two separate entities but Abraham is one of my favorite characters so this is a little hard to take in. After Michonne and The Governor, Abraham is the next character I eagerly waited to be introduced in the show.

    If Bob Stookey is Abraham Ford then it will be a great variation of his comic book counter-part. Ford, in the comic is a buff red haired 6’foot something army his late 40’s with a huge handlebar mustache.

    Another explanation I can think of is when Ford is introduced in the comic, he is introduced with other characters. They could change those other characters and Stookey would be a part of that. I guess only time will tell.

  • wildgator25

    There is a Bob Stookey in the comic; I looked it up as I had forgotten myself. I don’t want to potentially spoil anything, but Bob Stookey is responsible for an important role with the Governor. As it is described for the TV Series however, it doesn’t look like the role will be quite the same.

    • BornVillian

      ooooohhhhh yeahhhh that Bob. I forgot about him. I never knew his last name so that threw me off.

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