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‘Watch Dogs’ Gets A New Trailer, Launching In November

Watch Dogs was easily the most exciting announcement to come out of E3 last year, but it also felt so far away. Today that changes, as Ubisoft has revealed a launch date alongside a brand new trailer. What attracted me to this game — outside of the fact that everything else that came out of the event was decidedly “been there, done that” — was how intriguing its concept was.

It’s an open world game set in the modern day, so the setting isn’t exactly unique, but the ability to hack into and control the environment around you is a nice addition. It also looks gorgeous, though that isn’t all that surprising seeing as it’s also coming to next-gen consoles.

Look out for Watch Dogs when it releases on the PS3, PS4, PC, Wii U, Xbox 360 and “other next generation consoles” on November 19th. It’s almost definitely coming the next Xbox, which is set to be revealed next month.

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