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Twisted Music Video Of The Week Vol. 83: Harm “Argue And Grin”

I’ve had a really long week with a ton of people talking my ear off in public. I go to the store and people want to chat. I go to a concert and people want to chat. I go to the damn bathroom and people take the next urinal and want to discuss things. ARGH!!!! Why won’t these people leave me alone???

That’s why I resonated with “Argue And Grin”, this week’s Twisted Music Video Of The Week, which comes from Harm. The video shows the band performing in a rather grungy looking basement while a separate storyline shows a woman getting her mouth sewn shut. Fun fact for those of you who are less squeamish, director Darko Dan confirmed to BD that the actress actually got her mouth sewn shut for this video! Talk about commitment! The song comes from the band’s 2012 release The Nine, which you can snag on iTunes. Check out the video below!

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