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Eric Draven Is An Invisible Bible Quoting Cop In ‘The Crow’ Remake?

Hot on the heels of the the news that Relativity and the Weinstein Company have cast Luke Evans (No One Lives, the upcoming Dracula prequel) to play Eric Draven in their reboot of The Crow, a script review has hit the net. And it’s not pretty.

Latino Review got their hands on the latest draft, and they’ve posted a thoughtful video review of it. And – despite pretty much hating it – they play fair, only reviewing the basis/conceit without going into any actual plot spoilers. It also seems like Da7e, who authored the piece, has a genuine affection for the material and posted his review as a warning shot saying, “there’s time to fix this. Please do.

For one, they apparently throw in the kitchen sink with healing and ghost powers. Plus, Eric Draven is now a bible quoting police officer (not a rock musician) who has to paint his face because he’s invisible? The basic gist of the review is that the current draft is beyond saving and a page 1 rewrite is needed. Granted, I haven’t read it, but this assessment is fairly convincing.

Head inside for the video review (which includes even more details).

First Look At THE CROW REBOOT! from Mayimbe Media on Vimeo.



  • sqitso

    Oh you dumb mofos. No, “The Crow” does not need a remake. The first one is still very viable on it’s on. YES a “reboot” would be cool IF it had the swag of say a Dark Knight or other big budget flick. Let’s face it. The sequels to The Crow are crap.. well, actually.. City of Angels was not that bad.. but the last 10 minutes with the supernatural crow swarm eating the bad guy was just fucking stupid and ruined the movie. Then we have Edward Furlong as the crow? Omg.. shoot me. Anyway.. a big budget, well written “sequel” would be better suited. A movie that can stand on it’s on, and doesn’t need the help of it’s original to carry it.

    • weresmurf

      The Crow doesn’t need a big budget. That would ruin the heart of it. It needs to be small scale, rage driven revenge. A great idea I heard a while back was to start the movie from the gangs point of view, have it like a horror where they are picked off one by one slowly. Half way through one of them is finally cornered and finds out why just before hes killed. From that point on you follow Eric in his revenge quest. The Crow needs to be a dirty, gritty, hard R movie. Big budgets ensure a pg rating most assuredly.

      • divisionbell

        Now THAT I would watch!!

        This draft, however, just sounds awful…

  • Screamz

    I love “The Crow” but I’m not one of those fanboys that thinks it’s absolutely sacred. I mean, yeah, the first one is the only decent one, but I’m pretty sure someone out there can write another great script. I’d much rather see a sequel mostly because everything is either remade or prequelized (I just made up a word).

    Now, this script just sounds awful. All I can picture is the writer sitting in a room littered with 3×5 cards tacked to the wall and throwing darts at them to see what he puts into the script. That was a vague description of the script, but none of it made a lick of sense. Walking through walls? No reflection? Whatever they’re on, they need to get off it quickly. And if they’re not on anything, they’d better start taking something. I thought the Edward Furlong Crow was terrible. This won’t ruin the Crow franchise, it’ll obliterate it…

  • Skitzweasel

    I agree, this doesn’t need a remake. It holds up fine today. I feel another sequel could work. Like most peopl, I hated the 4th one with Eddie Furlong and David Boreanaz but I actually really liked the 3rd one. I thought it was exactly how a Crow movie should be. If they could somehow capture that and the absolute darkness of it again, it could still be revived.

  • dr.lamb

    Relax people ! This sounds like the first raw draft from some hack writer who had to finish it in 3 days. The producers always start like that, I dunno why. Even great movies had pretty awful first drafts, that differ completely from the end result. Usually, those drafts don’t see the light of day until the movie is finished, but in the times of internet everything crops up too soon. Don’t panic people, it’s the same case as with the supposed Highlander script that had the bad guy shooting the heads off of his opponents and the Spiderman script that sees Spidey fighting Doc Ock in a flying laboratory. As far as I know this could also be a legal thing, I think they have to deliver some script in a certain time or they lose the rights or something like that.

  • claytonnburns1994

    It’s Latino review they are always wrong!

  • devilmaycry26

    why just why. why remake the 1st at all its great the way it is all they need to is come out with a extended version of the 1st like the skull cowboy scene n him helping a woman from a burning building after he comes back. just do a better sequel because they cut to many scenes from 2 n the 4 speaks for itself. the 3 was the only decent. so why not make a 5 with this dude n have a deeper plot n good cast with great action n fighting scenes. with the right director this remake crap is getting old n lazy. total recall remake boring, night of the demons remake should have been better and they should have never took out the funeral home. evil dead remake i didn’t bother to see it. the night of the living dead remakes need to stop its getting stupid. what else their gonna remake rocky horror , little shop of horror, the monster squad, little monsters. the garbage pail kids.back to the future. seriously Hollywood stop it

  • CrocssharksandmonstersOmy

    I don’t know about anyone else but I’m a little pissed that the writers would change him from a rock musician to a cop. I haven’t seen the original in a couple years but the one scene that sticks in my head was Draven sitting on the rooftop playing his guitar with a very somber and sad solo. I guess in my opinion, it made his tragedy a little sadder because of the music he vented his sorrows through. If they were to remake this, I hope to god that keep him a rock musician and please to everything that is good in this world, I hope they keep it very gothic and dark like the original and not some watered down pg-13 pile of garbage.

    • Spike0037

      he wasn’t a rock musician in the comic.

  • DethHand

    I really hope this, and any other “remake” DOES NOT get made. What is going on with all these remakes and reboots? Come on Hollywood, don’t ruin another classic with nonsense. A religious cop LMFAO!!!!!

  • Spike0037

    Does anyone remember when Brandon Lee was doing an interview on the set of the film. Saying the film should be black and white and the dream sequences should be color.

    • doomas10

      Yeah I remember that – Proyas wanted to do this but the studio didn’t let him. To be honest, I prefer the bleak palette they put in there!

  • Spike0037

    Who has read the comic and do you know were the idea came from?

    • doomas10

      I have

  • Darkness69

    Blasphemy! Why can’t they just leave The Crow alone! It doesn’t need a remake, especially not as crappy as this one!

  • doomas10

    Massive crow “fanboy”. It means the world to me both the film and the comic book. The ideas around this reboot are awful at least. The first crow was successful despite some liberations taken with the material – Top Dollar remains one of the best villains..well ever- because it had first incredible style, brilliant music and score and was not for KIDS or a blockbuster flick. The cinematography is just out of this world and I loved how Proyas shot it with minimal colours in order to follow closely the visual style of the comic. So far…nothing that ?I have read about this reboot looks good.

  • Anthony Moore

    I really REALLY hope this isn’t true lol

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