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John Cusack Zombie Flick ‘Cell’ Rings Into Production This September

IFT, launched officially last week by Michael Benaroya and Miscellaneous Entertainment, has come on to finance and produce Cell and commences sales on a bucket of territories including the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Japan and South Korea. John Cusack is still attached to star.

As previously reported, Tod ‘Kip’ Williams will commence shooting in September on the Stephen King adaptation about a catastrophic signal blast across US phone networks.

In it, a pulse sent out through cell phones around the world turns every phone user into a crazed, murderous zombie.

Richard Saperstein and Michael Benaroya produce with The Genre Company’s Brian Witten and Shara Kay. Marina Grasic and Jan Korbelin of Cargo Entertainment serve as executive producers.



  • djblack1313

    YES!! i love this book and i’m very excited for the movie. i wonder if they will still have the zombies float/levitate or if they’ll change things up a bit. i still wish Eli Roth was attached to this but i’m just grateful we’re getting this going.

    • WolfQueen

      DJ, same here. I was so excited when Roth was supposed to do but I’m glad there’s talk of getting it going again, regardless of director. The book was awesome and a new way for zombies to be created. I’ll probably need to re-read it soon.

  • Canucklehead

    Another great King story but another one with a mediocre ending….still in though

  • Jeremie Jzyk

    I feel as if the person who made this article doesn’t even know it’s based off of a Stephen King book.

    • Ravinus

      I was thinking the same thing. Regardless, this will be cool as long as they take it easy on the CGI. I feel like I say that a lot. Won’t any of these assholes listen?

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