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NECA Reveals Jason Figure Based On Abysmal 1989 Game



I never got around to playing the NES game based on the Friday the 13th franchise, mostly because I was one year-old and that sort of game isn’t appropriate for anyone under three. Probably for the best, because I’ve since heard that it’s not all that fun to play. One year-old Adam wouldn’t have approved of those poorly conceived dodge mechanics, I can guarantee you that.

To me, the most controversial thing about it is Jason, who happens to be sporting a purple jumpsuit and neon blue mask. Jason can’t pull off those colors, he’s strictly a brown and grey sort of fellow. I fully support throwing in a muted green here and there to mix things up, but blue and purple? No sir. I’d say this guy is best left in the past, so as to keep that neon vomit away from the general public. It would seem the fine folks at NECA would disagree.

The National Entertainment Collectibles Association recently unveiled a figure based on Jason’s NES sprite. It’s inspired by the work of a fan, who painted a Jason based on his colorful NES debut. NECA saw it, loved it, and now they’re making it a thing.

If you want one, I suggest clearing your calendar on July 17-21 and booking a trip to San Diego. Once there you can walk up to their booth (#3145), slap $25 on the table and demand they give you that flashy Jason figure in the back.

Meanwhile, I’ll be saving up for this.

In case you’ve since forgotten the game that’s responsible for bringing us this figure, here’s something to help you remember.

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