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NECA Reveals Jason Figure Based On Abysmal 1989 Game

I never got around to playing the NES game based on the Friday the 13th franchise, mostly because I was one year-old and that sort of game isn’t appropriate for anyone under three. Probably for the best, because I’ve since heard that it’s not all that fun to play. One year-old Adam wouldn’t have approved of those poorly conceived dodge mechanics, I can guarantee you that.

To me, the most controversial thing about it is Jason, who happens to be sporting a purple jumpsuit and neon blue mask. Jason can’t pull off those colors, he’s strictly a brown and grey sort of fellow. I fully support throwing in a muted green here and there to mix things up, but blue and purple? No sir. I’d say this guy is best left in the past, so as to keep that neon vomit away from the general public. It would seem the fine folks at NECA would disagree.

The National Entertainment Collectibles Association recently unveiled a figure based on Jason’s NES sprite. It’s inspired by the work of a fan, who painted a Jason based on his colorful NES debut. NECA saw it, loved it, and now they’re making it a thing.

If you want one, I suggest clearing your calendar on July 17-21 and booking a trip to San Diego. Once there you can walk up to their booth (#3145), slap $25 on the table and demand they give you that flashy Jason figure in the back.

Meanwhile, I’ll be saving up for this.

In case you’ve since forgotten the game that’s responsible for bringing us this figure, here’s something to help you remember.

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  • MrDisgusting


  • divisionbell

    The game had a good concept for an NES game. The fact you played counselors wandering crystal lake, searching dark and eerie cabins, and saving young kids from jason is brilliant. The execution was a whole different story. Throwing in zombies and bats and shit that didn’t make sense always baffled me. Not to mention awful controls when fighting Jason. However, the first time i was sneaking around a cabin in the dark and ran into jason was a shock I’ll never forget!

  • Joe-Banger

    I have to agree with divisionbell! Everything you said was right! I like the zombie part, fighting Jason and his dead mothers head alone wouldnt have been much fun though. Abysmal? Thats an opinion for the ages. I liked this game even though it was not perfect. I’d love to have that Jason toy as well.

  • chris99x

    That game was one of my greatest guilty pleasures when I was a kid. Probably one of my earliest horror games, too. Even though the controls are bad and the zombies are just stupid, I still pop it in every once in a while. I loved the difficulty, the music, and the fact that you play as various counselors… certainly not a great game, but a memorable one!

  • SMK82

    Ahh! I loved this game. I must have been 7 or 8 when it came out. Young enough that I legit thought it was scary. When you went into a cabin where Jason was, the music changes and you move around the rooms until he pops out – I used to get so nervous. The neon paint splashes on the box cover were amazing too. Whatever, it’s cheese-tastic. But that’s why I love ’80s slasher flicks to begin with!

  • EvilHead1981

    Aside from some of the control problems and the questionable enemies(birds, zombies…), in concept, it probably the closest we’ve come to a licensed video game based on a horror movie that retains the “slasher”-like feel. Really, the fact Jason’s roaming around the camp and sometimes if you aren’t careful, he just appears(especially in the cabins, which if you aren’t expecting it, for 8-bit NES sprites and bleeps, it scared the SHIT out of a lot of us) and you have to fight to survive. And if you don’t save the other counselors, they basically get murdered by Jason. Love that whole concept. Probably MORE like Ft13 than the NOES game was compared to those movies.

  • shelly84

    So many good memories about this game. I was prob 6 or 7 too. And as a influence of my older brother, I was a huge fan of Jason’s movies and this game. The opening scene was already scary for me, and when i ran into jason during the game was a mix of fear and excitement. Too bad the game didnt have very good controls, and it was pretty hard for a 7 year old kid (actually it was one of the few games that i have not beaten back in that time). This action figure will please those few guys like me, that were fanatic about jason and this game as a kid back in that time, and that is pretty much it. I think the older and younger fans will have the same idead about the “purple” jason as Adam Dodd.

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