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[TV] Next On “Bates Motel’s” Season Finale…

Here’s a clip from the season finale of A&E’s “Bates Motel.”

In “Midnight,” “Romero decides to take action; Norman brings Emma to the dance; Norman gets a ride home from Miss Watson.

The show performed pretty well, and was well received. I expect it to continue on for a few seasons. What did you think of the show’s inaugural season?

  • statik107

    I’ve enjoyed this show a lot. I love the tone and the acting is superb. I want them to dig more into Norman’s decent into madness next season though!

  • Scrunk12404

    surprisingly great series, better than i thought it would be, i love how the back story makes Norman seem like such an innocent kid, can’t wait for season 2

  • djblack1313

    count me in too! i love this show. i love HANNIBAL more but BATES is awesome!

  • egaltt23

    This show is brilliant! The cast is amazing.

  • ThunderDragoon

    I love this show so much. The cast does a great job. I’ve loved every episode so far. I’m one of the few on here who doesn’t really care for the Hannibal TV series so Bates Motel is where I get my prequel horror fix.

    • Elutherios

      You don’t like Hannibal? I think it’s pretty good. So is this show. Too bad this is the season finale…

    • feck

      i tried Hannibal and couldn’t get into it either. Bates Motel is not great, but certainly very good and I will keep watching. I like the cast alot.

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